All about the World’s Largest Data Protection User Community

By Sumash Singh  

We are the world’s largest data protection company, and it’s only natural that we would have the world’s largest user group for data protection. 

Our global user community consists of thousands of professionals who are passionate about and focused on data protection.   It is a truly impressive reservoir of knowledge and experience.  Our opportunity is to continually enable and encourage a sense of community among our data protection users.

To foster our data protection community, EMC and Intel are hosting the 2014 EMC Data Protection User Group series. EMC data protection solutions are powered by Intel, making Intel a key partner and sponsor for these events.  This series kicks off at the end of May and will run throughout the rest of the year in 68 cities around the world.  The agenda is structured in such a way that we can address both global and local data protection topics. We gather at a local location to share EMC product information, to enable you to exchange experiences and best practices, and to allow users to network with EMC experts and fellow peers. The Johannesburg and Cape Town Data Protection User Groups took place this month and offered great insight. 

If you aren’t already a member, the EMC Community Network is our way to connect you with the global community of data protection users. Through membership in the EMC Community Network, you have access to EMC experts and fellow data protection professionals from around the world.  You can also access and share relevant content such as blogs, use cases, testimonials and best practices.

Finally you can connect with both the local and global happenings through social media.  If you are already following @EMCSADC, you can join our data protection conversations and see what happened at the Johannesburg and Cape Town events.

 Want to learn more or join the conversation?  Follow us on Twitter @EMCSADC and like us on Facebook to catch up on the events. 

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