Tomorrow’s Storage Technology Today

By Themba Khoza, EMC System Engineer

How many emails do you have in your inbox? A few hundred? And how many in your email archive? Thousands, no doubt. These are volumes that modern enterprises aren’t only accustomed to, but a drop in the bucket when compared to the volume they actually handle.

Back in 1956, 3,75MB of enterprise grade storage required hardware weighing an astounding 1-ton. It could hold the equivalent of a measly 51 emails. How times have changed. The biggest challenge for enterprise IT teams is finding a solution that not only meets current demands, but can also handle future demand without the need to restructure entire systems in order to do so. Given the requirement to take advantage of Big Data, this is no simple equation.

As a leading provider of storage solutions, EMC is constantly pushing the boundaries to enable customers to tackle these challenges with confidence.

As such, the advent of flash storage is an opportune development that offers this peace of mind by taking advantage of transformational architecture to enable the data centre of the future. It’s been taken to the next level with the introduction of the EMC XtremIO all-flash array consisting of 10TB or 20TB capacity blocks.

XtremIO’s 100% flash-based scale-out enterprise storage array not only delivers high levels of performance and scalability, but also brings new levels of ease-of-use to SAN storage, while offering advanced features that have never been possible before.

The exponential development of storage technology over the past few decades has been driven by both technological innovations, and the demands of the modern enterprise. XtremIO’s ground-up all-flash array design was created from the start for maximum performance and consistent low latency response times, and with enterprise grade high availability features, real-time Inline Data Reduction that dramatically lowers costs, and advanced functions such as thin provisioning, tight integration to VMware, snapshots, volume clones, and superb data protection.

So if the XtremeIO product architecture addresses all the requirements for flash-based storage, the real question for IT leaders is: how confident are you that the systems and solutions you have at your command truly meet your needs?

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