The thinking behind the EMC Federation Strategy

By Servaas Venter

Today, thanks to the likes of mobile, cloud computing, Big Data, and social networking, we are experiencing significant changes in the IT landscape. On the one hand this has resulted in an increasingly competitive market but on the other, it has created significant opportunities for those willing to embrace a new way of doing business.

As far back as 2011, the International Data Corporation (IDC) highlighted how these (and other) technologies would drive IT growth and innovation. Together, the IDC terms this the Third Platform of IT (the first being mainframe and the second being PC client and server).

Businesses need to react faster to find new growth, they need to cut operational costs and reduce their reliance on legacy systems, and they need to balance risk. While these challenges might not seem all that different from those encountered a decade ago, it is the speed to market that is driving the bottom line more than ever. And with the onset of  the Third Platform, this is not likely to change any time soon.

As such, EMC has established a federated business model that includes four EMC businesses:  EMC Information Infrastructure (EMCii), VMware, RSA and Pivotal. This sees these independent businesses being strategically aligned yet focused on its core mission—developing the best technology and building the right partner ecosystem to best serve customers.

EMC’s federated solutions approach is designed to enable the software-defined enterprise. This includes Security Analytics, Business Data Lake, End-User Computing, Platform as a Service, and the Software-Defined Data Centre.

It will also empower companies to meet their challenges head-on by providing them with a choice of tightly integrated solutions enabling them to move to the Third Platform, while giving them the flexibility they need to respond to changing market conditions.

One of the biggest advantages of this approach is its flexibility. Customers ultimately have the choice as each company will continue to operate independently, albeit in focused strategic alignment with one another.

Why not embrace a new way of doing business?  Why not contact EMC to assist your company on its journey to the Third Platform?

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