Software-only version of Data Domain broadens scope of data protection solutions

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Thanks to EMC releasing its industry-leading, and trusted data protection systems in a software-only version, the modern data centre now offers a variety of new deployment options – including cloud and hyper-converged solutions.

EMC is once again pushing the boundaries of data protection with the introduction of Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE). This uncouples Data Domain hardware from its software platform to deliver a software-only solution of its industry-leading protection storage – which has already captured 67.7% market share.

The DD VE package includes DD Boost, DD Encryption, and DD Replicator.

EMC has always been focused on delivering data protection everywhere, no matter where it lives or whatever challenges might arise. With our new developments, we will enable Data Domain systems to address new markets and a variety of deployment options including cloud and hyper-converged solutions.

DD VE delivers industry-leading protection storage in a simple, flexible and agile software solution that can be deployed in minutes and allows customers to grow as they need.

A recent survey among concluded that 54% of American businesses already used deduplication software. Another 21% was planning to invest in deduplication and 14% were interested.

Only 11% were not interested. There is general agreement that between using disk, tape or cloud for long-term data storage, disk is probably the best, especially for smaller businesses.

For protection storage to be viable, it has to be deduplicated. But smaller businesses need reliable protection storage, not another physical appliance that they need to add to their existing setup. Hence the value of a virtual solution.

DD VE reduces protection storage requirements by 10-30 times with variable-length deduplication and seamless integration with leading backup, enterprise and archiving applications – including the EMC Data Protection Suite, Oracle, SQL and SAP. DD VE also includes DD Boost (to speed up backups by up to 50%), DD Encryption (for inline encryption of data), and DD Replicator (to enable network-efficient replication).

Furthermore, DD VE is built on the core Data Domain software that has won over thousands of customers and continues to lead the market.

Other benefits include:

  • Ease of Use: DD VE is quick and simple to deploy and configure through VMware vSphere. Since it can run on existing ESX infrastructure, a DD VE instance can be up and running in just a matter of minutes.
  • Unparalleled Reliability: DD VE is built on proven Data Domain software and includes the Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture, which ensures any data stored can be reliably recovered in the event that it is compromised.
  • Flexible Capacity: A single DD VE instance can scale from .1TB to 16TB and capacity can be expanded in 1 TB increments as needed with electronic licensing (ELMS) – allowing customers to gradually expand capacity as the business demands it. Plus, capacity can easily be moved between virtual systems and/or locations for total flexibility.
  • ROBO & Entry Use Cases: DD VE can be leveraged to efficiently protect remote offices or small capacity workloads.

In this initial release, DD VE can scale up to 16TB and is ideal for protecting data in remote and branch office environments. Here, DD VE instances can be deployed across sites. A Data Domain Replicator can then be used to send data for offsite recovery and disaster preparedness.

DD VE is suitable for any business environment that does not require a physical Data Domain appliance; that needs the ability to add or move capacity; that requires DD VE to act as a virtualised backup server or set up DD VE for subscribers. Care has been taken to make capacity and software licensing seamless and smooth.

DD VE is available from EMC, and certified EMC partners.

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