RSA Further Empowers its Customers & Channel Partners

RSA, The Security Division of EMC Southern Africa, has launched the RSA SecurWorld Delivery Services Programme for its channel partners. The programme is designed to enable channel partners to provide implementation and installation services and support to their customers, ultimately maximising their value as their customers’ “go-to” trusted advisors.

Julie Ferreira, Country Lead for RSA,says channel partnerships have been instrumental in RSA’s journey to becoming a $1billion organisation.Given the channel’s integral role to RSA’s go-to-market strategy, we are constantly inspecting our channel partner offerings, modifying what needs improvement, and introducing new programmes to drive more fruitful relationships.

One of RSA’s hottest technologies, RSA Identity Management and Governance (IMG), is the first solution available on the new programme, with RSA Security Analytics and RSA Archer GRC, to follow later this year.

According to Ferreira, world-class customer support is engrained in RSA’s business, and the RSA SecurWorld Delivery Services Programme only strengthens this sentiment.

Ferreira further explained that the most profitable path for partners, and our preferred method, is to have channel partners become certified to deliver services themselves. This empowers the customer to ultimately decide who they want to work with from an implementation and support perspective.

In order to get certified bythe Delivery Services Programme, channel partners undergo a series of advanced technical trainings, delivery methodologies, and mentoring engagements with RSA. Once complete, they are deemed an RSA Certified Delivery Services Partner in a particular solution.

Channel partners can choose from several flexible service models, including:

Channel Partner Delivered Services:

Channel partners own the customer services engagement by investing in building their own technical expertise for implementation and support services through RSA’s certification programmes, proven methodologies and robust tools. This offers the highest margin and is designed to fully enable channel partners to act as their customers’ trusted advisor.

Co-Delivered Services:

If channel partners want to sell solutions while minimising total investments, they can enhance their solution portfolio by reselling services offerings from RSA Global Services or their Authorised Distributor. Channel partners will own the customer relationship up to delivery, and the service provider will only interact with the customer thereafter. This provides customers with quality services options while simultaneously enabling channel partners to add services to their own portfolio as demand for solutions increases.

RSA Delivered Services:

Channel partners maintain ownership of all customer relationships and onsite activity while leveraging RSA’s ability to provide resources for remote services.

In Ferreira’s conclusion she explains that the RSA SecurWorld Delivery Services Programme is a tremendous step forward in RSA’s channel organisation. Partners benefit by gaining access to the enablement and support needed to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class installation and implementation services, while customers benefit from having more flexibility to choose who they want to work with. In the end, exceptional customer service is what it’s all about.

RSA channel partners interested in joining the programme can find more information at

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