Partner right the first time

By Jonathan Allmayer

The late business author and management consultant Peter Drucker famously said: “Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”

This is a mantra that is at the heart of EMC’s vision for building successful business partnerships with its channel and end-customers.

It is easy to pay lip service to the goal of exceptional service through mutually-beneficial partnerships, which is where courage comes into play.

As a channel sales representative for EMC, I have developed a clear vision of the attributes we look for in our partners that I believe are essential to delivering value to our customers. I’d like to share some of these values with you.

1. Firstly, our channel partners need to have a solid reputation in the market that speaks to their ability to deliver what the customer needs and expects. This extends beyond their brand to the reputation of their leaders, managers and staff.

2. This ties into the requirement for visionary leadership as demonstrated by the company’s executives’ relationship with the market – both as a service provider and a leading figure in the industry who have established a respected profile based on their capabilities.

3. It is no surprise that companies whose management have these qualities occupy a space in the market defined by their relationships with other market-leading vendors. This position is also determined by the extent to which they invest in staff training and certification, and prove their confidence by deploying vendor solutions in their business.

4. Allied to this is a reputation for successful execution and implementation of the solutions they deliver. This is measured not only on speed of execution, but especially the quality.

5. This leads to accountability: we expect our channel partners to take responsibility and man up if something goes awry.

6. Finally, we expect our partners to know the intimate details of their customers’ business. Only by being knowledgeable can they make informed decisions and deliver the right solution.

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