New EMC Innovations Redefine IT Performance and Efficiency

New Storage and Protection Offerings Simplify and Automate Storage, Deliver

a Path to the Cloud and Provide Data Protection everywhere.

EMC Corporation has announced major new platforms and enhancements thatspan the portfolio of EMC® XtremIO™, EMC VMAX3™, VCE®, EMC VNX®, EMC DataDomain® and EMC Data Protection Suite™ products.

The world is going through unprecedented transformation. By 2020, more than 7 billionpeople will connect to the Internet using 30 billion devices. With people, businesses andthings communicating, transacting and negotiating with each other, a new world of digitalbusiness emerges. It promises to disrupt existing business models – even those born of theInternet and e-business eras.

The world is increasingly a community of digital citizens engaging in a global network, always connected with the world’s information in the palm of their hand, living smarter moreinformed lives. This is resetting the expectations they have of the businesses they deal with. They expect faster, more personalised digital experiences, and 24×7 access on all devices. Toembrace this disruption and be prepared, organisations need to redefine themselves andadopt a digital mindset.

The challenge this presents for CIOs is twofold. First they must start by driving out costs fromexisting IT without compromising service levels, while secondly using those savings todeliver new, transformative applications optimised for the digital world. Today’s EMC newsis focused on the first challenge. Tomorrow’s EMC news will address the second.

 EMC Dramatically Simplifies IT

EMC is introducing major updates to its industry-leading XtremIO all-flash array and theVMAX3Enterprise Data Service Platform. Both products not only deliver breakthroughperformance, automation and data service capabilities, but have been specifically designed todramatically reduce management overhead, reducing the amount of time required to do common tasks from hours to minutes, or eliminating them altogether.

VCE is announcing a new family of Hyper-Converged RackScale Systems that enablesenterprises and Service Providers to dramatically simplify the deployment of next-generationscale-out Mobile, Cloud and distributed Tier 2 applications. The VxRack™ System enablescustomers to start from dozens of servers and scaling to many thousands of servers while guaranteeing the highest performance and $/IOPS. Mostimportantly, VCE brings its proven methodology of pre-engineered factory builtinfrastructure with single call life cycle support to deliver a massively scaled out Hyper-Converged VxRack with the same unmatched VCE customer experience.

IT organisations looking forSoftware-Defined Storage to provide agilityand flexibility for their development and operational (DevOps) environments, EMC isannouncing general availability of the first fully virtualized EMC VNXe® software stack(formerly known as Project Liberty). The EMC vVNX™ Community Edition software stack isdesigned to provide customers with the ability to create, test and develop environmentsbased on VNXe storage without a dedicated storage hardware system and stand up multiplevirtual VNXe instances cost effectively, using industry-standard server hardware.When it comes to the VNX family, EMC is releasing a new VNXe3200 all-flash variant. Soldthrough EMC’s Business Partner Program network, the 3 TB VNXe3200 is one of the mostaffordable unified all flash arrays on the market with a starting price of under $25,000.

EMC Enables Path to the Hybrid Cloud

EMC has optimised its products to deliver cloud capabilities across its portfolio, enablingcustomers to leverage public, private and hybrid cloud as a low-cost and flexible storage anddata protection tier. EMC is extending this further with the launch of EMC CloudBoost™and EMC CloudArray® software. The new CloudArray software enables tiering to cloud orobject storage from the VMAX3 platform, lowering TCO by moving data to lower-cost

storage. Whether used for backup and archive, file or secondary data, CloudArray technology ensures rapid accessibility allowing EMC customers to take full advantage of the cloud’s greater scalability, lower costs and reduced maintenance.

With today’s updates to the Data Protection Suite, CloudBoost enhancements are alsodesigned to enable EMC Avamar® and EMC Networker® customers to seamlessly protectdata on EMC and third-party cloud services, with the tools they already use.

EMC Protects Data Everywhere

As businesses accelerate their use and development of next-gen, cloud-enabled applications,they have struggled to protect data across what has become the hyper-extendedenterprise. As part of its ongoing strategy to protect data wherever it resides, EMC isintroducing a variety of new data protection products and product enhancements including:

New Data Domain purpose-built backup appliances and powerful new software thatbreaks the status quo in data protection, raising the bar for traditional backupsolutions.

  • Cloud-enablement of the Data Protection Suite with the introduction of CloudBoost software to protect data on EMC and third-party cloud services, and the addition ofOffice365 protection to Spanning® by EMC.
  • Data Protection Suite enhancements including universal search and enhancements to EMC Recover Point® for VMs.
  • New Spanning Backup protection by EMC expands “born in the cloud” application data protection to Microsoft Office 365. In addition, Spanning is launching the Spanning Back-up for Good Program to offer non-profit organisations peace of mind while working in the cloud. The world may be transforming but it’s safe to say EMC is not far behind.

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