Jonas Bogoshi Appointed Country Manager of EMC Southern Africa


Corporate leadership has continued to be increasingly acknowledged around the world of business because it has been proven that it’s the belly in which business success is achieved. Sound corporate leadership is a vital component of management which helps to maximise efficiency and achieve organisational goals. One business organisation which subscribes to this school of thought is EMC.

True to its belief in strong and progressive corporate leadership, EMC has appointed Jonas Bogoshi as Country Manager of EMC Southern Africa. With 22 years’ experience in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Jonas enjoys a glowing industry reputation of versatility, commitment to excellent business principles and living up to service provision standards.

His enviable work experience is vast having been once a service provider, a customer in the ICT industry, being a local and multinational systems integrator as well as the world of original equipment manufacturers. He has also been part of major restructuring processes of an established and renowned multinational subsidiary, driving outstanding growth of a new multinational in South Africa and executing a fundamental turnaround of an ailing public sector institution.

It is therefore not surprising that EMC settled for him not just as a manager but as a visionary leader of the people he leads. Jonas believes in a leadership model that provides inspiring vision, compelling purpose, an enabling environment for all and corporate values aligned with employees’ core values and assisting them reach their maximum potential.

Jonas is a firm believer that digital transformation represents the single biggest challenge facing organisations. He has therefore set his focus on positioning and showcasing EMC as a digital transformation catalyst and allowing the firm to assist in the creation of a sustainable economy and an inclusive society.

With such rich experience and broad vision, Jonas Bogoshi at the helm of EMC will certainly lead to a new vigour and increase in technology investments, systems, processes and new business models across the market.

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