Insight into South African Businesses and Cloud Computing

cloud-muzIT Departments, globally and locally, are exposed to a wide range of challenging and complex developments within a tumultuous environment, as well as an ever increasing demand for mobility. Whilst cloud implementation is the backbone of a successful solution that adds value across IT operations and requirements, its importance is also destined to shape the organisation at its core.

EMC Corporation, as a global leader in enabling business and service providers to transform their operations and deliver IT as a service, understand and acknowledge the various challenges that businesses face, one of which is Cloud Computing. With this in mind, EMC have partnered with ITWeb to create an online survey that looks at gaining further insight and understanding into the South African market and their views on Cloud Computing and its effect on business strategy.

“The main objective of this Cloud Survey is to gain an understanding of where South African enterprises are in their transformation to IT as a service and areas where EMC Corporation can assist with this transformation,” says Charlene George, Client Solutions Director.

The online Cloud Computing survey is designed to assess and determine the current cloud landscape in South Africa and to establish what influences cloud investment decisions. As George further mentions, “A successful cloud strategy will enable IT to understand how decisions on cloud implementation can impact the business services, departments and individuals and what the benefits are to an organisation, such as shorter time to market, cost benefits, and faster provisioning time.”

In essence, the importance to South African business is to build a cloud adoption strategy that is able to adapt to technological advances, as well as be agile enough to adjust to changing business needs. This ensures that the organisation’s cloud adoption strategy is relevant and built for purpose.

The question for organisations in South Africa is not if but when to move to cloud and what is the best deployment model (private, public or hybrid) to meet their business needs. The biggest problems arise when there is no strategy at all in place.

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