Getting a grip on Big Data made easy with EMC’s MyService 360 online dashboard

My Servuce 360

By John Bogoshi, Country Manager for Southern Africa

Big Data often simply translates into Big Complications to CIOs who feel themselves out of their depth and not yet ready to deal with the increasing amounts of information that are available from within their own organisations.

EMC has realised that it is not enough to make our customers aware of the implications of an economy increasingly driven by information, or just to provide the infrastructure to handle Big Data, unless we can also assist them to make sense of this brave new world emerging around them.

Enter MyService360, EMC’s online dashboard – a differentiating tool that uses Big Data analytics to provide near real-time visibility into the health and wellness of a customer’s EMC data center environment. And the best news is that MyService360 is now available at no additional cost to customers with an EMC warranty or maintenance agreement.

The dashboard supports hundreds of EMC products and presents a comprehensive picture of the status of EMC systems deployed across a global enterprise, including health and risk scoring, code levels, actionable service insights, connectivity status, and incident management.

With MyService360, we are able to capture critical data and present it in a simplified manner. We have made it easy for customers to show this data to their respective managers and give them a clear picture of what is going on in their business.

No other EMC competitor with a portfolio as diverse as ours has a capability like this.

The development of our customer-facing tool is one of the most exciting developments of the year and represents another notch upward in our efforts to drive customer satisfaction. To ensure that our customers can make the best of this new opportunity, we have made all service managers and service account managers in the TEEAM region available to assist our sales teams in their efforts to explain its benefits.

How it works

Built on top of a secure, cloud-based EMC Data Lake on EMC II storage, Greenplum, VMware virtualization, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and 3rd party applications, MyService360 delivers data-driven visualizations that enable customers to make informed IT decisions.

MyService360 is best experienced through EMC Secure Remote Services Virtual Edition (ESRS v3), which is a two-way remote connection between EMC Customer Service and EMC products or solutions. This will allow customers to interact with near real-time data.

Benefits of MyService360

  • Health and Risk Scoring: The dashboard displays proactive and predictive system health indicators to identify areas that may be at risk, giving IT ample time to prioritize actions and react accordingly.
  • Code Levels: It also analyzes the percentage of the global install base that is up to code, providing the ability to drill down into specific systems to determine which are due for code upgrades.
  • Actionable Service Insights: MyService360 allows EMC customers to review IT service activities across their enterprise with the ability to dive into specific sites to understand where attention is needed and the type of action required.
  • Connectivity Status: The tool displays the percentage of the install base that is remotely connected to EMC Customer Service. The organisations can then take action to get the remaining systems connected.
  • Incident Management: It also taps into proactive data to identify analytical trends on service incidents.

MyService360 is accessible to customers through EMC Online Support (it replaces the ‘My Support’ tab). Read about MyService360 in this Service Overview or view a demo video here.

Learn more about how MyService360 fits into the Modern Customer Service Experience it by checking out the EMC Customer Service homepage, follow @EMCSupport on Twitter, or start exploring MyService360 today – for free!

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