EMC Ups Ante for Rack-Scale Flash with Bigger, Better, Faster DSSD D5

Major New DSSD D5 Capabilities and New VCE VxRack System with DSSD Enable Customers to Accelerate Real-Time Analytics and Provides a Platform for Digital Transformation


 EMC Corporation announced new Rack-Scale Flash offerings including dual DSSD™ D5™ systems in a single rack for use with market-leading high performance database applications as well as the new VCE™ VxRack™ 1000 Series System with DSSD™. DSSD is a key building block for the modern data center, not only accelerating the performance of traditional databases and data warehouses, but also helping customers address new challenges around high performance real-time analytics running on a new generation of apps and much larger working data sets.

Flash storage has always been about performance. However, EMC has declared 2016 the “Year of All Flash,” and has committed to shipping the majority of all primary storage as all-flash configurations. Although we are already leading the market, our commitment to flash, is extended by innovations in Rack-Scale Flash designed to support both traditional and next-generation applications that pave the way to the modern data center.

Earlier this year, EMC introduced DSSD D5, a completely new architecture designed for the most data-intensive applications, both traditional and next-generation, which require extreme levels of performance and the lowest possible latency. DSSD D5 reaches new performance heights, with real-world results that speed applications such as genetic sequencing calculations, fraud detection, credit card authorization, and advanced analytics by as much as 10X.

DSSD D5 delivers extreme speed for customers whose businesses hinge upon this level of performance. With today’s announcement, EMC is pushing the Rack-Scale Flash envelope even further, by demonstrating that striping two D5 systems together with high performance databases in a single rack delivers 2X the IOPS, bandwidth and capacity; one-third the latency and a lower TCO than the fastest solution for databases on the market today. With this capability, customers will now be able to consolidate multiple data marts, accelerate high performance business intelligence applications, and impact time to value for many other high performance analytics applications around risk, security, intelligence, etc.

We also announced, a new fully-engineered storage, networking and compute system that provides customers with a single pre-configured and optimized solution for their high-performance databases and data warehouses. The VCE VxRack System with DSSD will combine the unmatched performance of DSSD with VCE’s heralded system availability, reliability, and productivity. This offers customers an accelerated time-to-value, with faster deployment and the ability to scale as their needs expand.

DSSD’s support for dual D5 systems with high performance databases and VxRack System with DSSD will be available in the second half of 2016.

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