EMC Redefines Hybrid Cloud for the Enterprise

EMC has launched the EMC® Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution which integrates hardware, software and services from EMC and VMware to unite the strengths of private and public cloud. Organisations no longer will have to make tradeoffs between the speed and agility of public cloud services and the control and security of private cloud infrastructure.

The EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution empowers IT to be a broker of trusted cloud services while maintaining the freedom to choose the Management and Orchestration technology upon which the hybrid cloud is standardised. The result is a hybrid cloud solution capable of supporting traditional and next-gen applications, financial transparency so IT can prove its value to the business, and a seamless and secure management experience.

Enabling IT-as-a-Service

The EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution is designed to be simple, automated and on-demand and features a number of valuable benefits including:

  • Solution designed to be implemented in 28 days or less with EMC Professional Services
  • Access to a full service catalog of automated data services
  • Integration with public cloud services built on VMware vCloud Air, Microsoft Azure, AWS and other EMC-powered cloud service providers
  • Option to build on VCE Vblock Systems and VSPEX for accelerated deployment

EMC’s gold standard level of Customer Service to provide world-class support

EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Services

EMC is introducing new professional and educational services designed to help customers quickly implement the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution within their IT environment.

Along with new Architecture, Design and Implementation Services to enable the hybrid cloud solutions, EMC also unveiled new Professional Services to remove cloud complexity including:

  • EMC Managed Services for Enterprise Hybrid Cloud
  • EMC Cloud Advisory Service
  • EMC IT Transformation Workshop
  • Education Services

Support for Leading Cloud Platform Software

In 2015, EMC plans to offer the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution built with either Microsoft or OpenStack technology. EMC’s solution for the Microsoft Cloud Platform will be designed to enable customers to easily integrate their on-premises EMC storage solutions and Windows Server Hyper-V infrastructure with Microsoft Azure, in order to flexibly deploy and manage applications and workloads across hybrid environments.

EMC supports customer choice and is committed to helping customers be successful with their hybrid cloud deployments, regardless of the cloud platform they choose. By offering the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution with Microsoft and OpenStack, EMC will extend the same value and benefits to those solutions that are being delivered in the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Federation SDDC Edition with VMware.

The EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution Federation SDDC Edition with VMware is available now.

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