EMC Federation leads African companies

EMC Federation leads African companies onto the Third Platform

The EMC Federation was one of the primary sponsors of the technology of the future exhibition, MyWorld of Tomorrow (MWOT). MWOT provides a platform for interaction and knowledge sharing in the technology innovation space and was hosted by Business Connexion at the Sandton Convention Centre from 16 – 18 October 2014.

Spirit of Collaboration

The EMC Federation brings together EMC Information Infrastructure (II), Pivotal, RSA and VMware, with the aim to strategically aligned businesses, each focused and free to execute individually or together.

Servaas Venter spoke at MyWorld of Tomorrow (MWOT) about the EMC Federation and its plans for the future.

“The new IT agenda is the reason EMC created the Federation,” Venter said. “EMC, VMware, Pivotal and RSA each have a specific mission, but are strategically aligned to deliver solutions based on the new IT agenda. Through this innovative model, we provide best-of-breed solutions for the new IT agenda and customer choice, with no lock-in.”

The Third Platform

EMC’s definition of the modern era of enterprise computing follows that of analyst house International Data Corporation (IDC) – linking together concepts like Big Data, mobility, social media, cloud, the Internet of Everything and smart devices.

Known as the ‘third platform’, it recognises how industries and companies are being radically redefined – as organisations now need to store and analyse new forms of data, and build mobile applications and connected devices for potentially billions of users.

The third platform follows the first computing paradigm of mainframes (first platform), which gave way to client/server computing (the second platform).

The African Opportunity

“Markets in the EMEA region are experiencing massive structural changes, perhaps more so than in many developed world regions. In Africa, there are fewer legacy challenges and a hugely innovative spirit that is pushing business into the future,” Venter said.

The EMC Federation addresses these opportunities with best-of-breed information infrastructure, software-defined data centre architecture, and a new platform for next-generation applications.

Leading the Way

Servaas Venter
Servaas Venter

“The Federation of EMC companies is working extensively to bring advanced solutions to every business in every industry; allowing organisations to capitalise on the new era of application, information, and technology innovation,” Venter said. “New companies will emerge to challenge the traditional, new applications will be created to transform the user experience, and new value will be created from information and infrastructure to address the speed and simplicity of tomorrow’s consumer.”

While the third platform is indisputably the future, second platform architectures will continue to be the foundation of the enterprise data centre for some years.By adopting a federated model, EMC’s strategy is to lead customers on their journey to the third platform.

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