EMC CIO Connect Summit 2015: Redefined Possible

CIO Connect

This year’s EMC CIO Connect Summit which took place in Prague, saw EMC (and guests) Speakers from all over the world talk about the hottest trends in IT including: Hybrid Cloud, 3rd Platform Applications and of course Big Data.

Every year CIOs from Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East meet for a Summit to discuss pending questions about IT. EMC separated the content of the Summit into 4 big Keynotes and 15 smaller Sessions, where EMC and guest experts met CIOs from all industries to discuss the future of IT. In addition to the general IT discussions EMC also took the time to talk about the recently announced solutions unveiled at EMC World 2015 and how these solutions can benefit enterprises looking to redefine themselves. 


IT Becomes the Business

 smartphone shining Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa and Middle East opened the Summit with his Keynote welcoming all attending CIOs and partners. Amin’s key takeaway point for CIO Connect 2015 stated that up until recently IT was an enabler for business while now IT in many cases has become the business itself, which creates opportunities for disruption and transformation.In a short amount of time IT has not only transformed itself but the businesses it supported as well. Right now the number of internet-connected devices is around 7 Billion. In 2020 we’re going to be looking at around 30 Billion devices. The amount of Data this generated will grow exponentially and to this day 83 % of all data is unsorted and not ready for creation of value. However, EMC is constantly thriving to provide solutions for an agile model of getting value out of Big Data and Data Lakes.

Backup Facebook: 19 years

“Go big or go home!” is one of the IT-mottos these days. Enterprises need a lot of space for their data and EMC is here to help them manage that. For example Facebook’s massive database is believed to incorporate about 450-500 Petabyte. A Backup for that would take 19 years with the current state of IT. So if you start the Backup process today you would be done by 2034! Who knows what the internet would even look like by then?

We see a lot of disruptive examples of enterprises around the world where the CIO is the innovate force behind the business. You have Tesla for example, where the car is more akin to using your personalized iPad than driving a traditional car. Spotify and iTunes have also revolutionized the way we consume the music market, can you remember the last time you visited a record store? Uber, which is a company running on an app with no assets or cars, has completely disrupted the taxi-system we’ve been using for decades while Airbnb, the alternative hotel destination, has opened up a whole new world of traveling for people visiting new destinations.

A New Data Centre

For mastering these disruptive Changes all of the elements of IT need to be re-considered. Data Centres should be redesigned to leverage the power of IT for business agility and innovation. At EMC CIO Connect Intel discussed this transformation with CIOs:

“We have worked together with EMC since 1995. Just like EMC, we at Intel believe in delivering high performing, cost-efficient platforms and have a vision for open, standards-based IT transformation. The EMC CIO Connect Summit is a wonderful opportunity for us at Intel to learn from industry CIOs on how IT can help transform their business. In turn, it provides Intel the opportunity to share our vision and our deep-rooted technology alignment with EMC.” – Akhil Handa, EMEA Account Director for EMC, Intel Corporation

For transforming the data centre Intel sees three important pillars:

  • Workload optimized solution: every workload needs different workload solution. We are defining platforms for each of the solutions.
  • Software defined infrastructure and hybrid environments
  • Pervasive analytics: all about what you can do with your data as data will become the new currency.

To Infinity and Beyond

20150527_094418Thinking out of the box is necessary. Even though EMC constantly thrives to develop agile products and stay ahead of the current state of IT sometimes it is necessary to take an even bigger step forward from what’s considered normal in the industry.

Joining EMC and the summit was non other than Virgin Galactic! Stephen Attenborough of Virgin Galactic took the stage during keynote to remind the CIO audience that innovation starts with dreaming. In Virgin Galactic’s case the dream involved pioneering space travel; not an easy task, and definitely not for the traditional mind-set.

Attenborough asked the audience: who wants to go to universe? No surprise: Everyone’s hands were raised.  However when he followed up with who thinks they can actually become an astronaut – the response was a polar opposite.

The aim of Virgin Galactic is to permanently change the way we perceive what’s ‘possible’ in terms of travel. Virgin Galactic tries to transform travelling: From space tourism to research to cargo to commercial travel. With their Space Shuttle you could travel from Prague to Sydney within two hours. A dream we really like see become a reality.

One More Time: Thanks to Our Sponsors!

Prague was the ideal place for this year’s EMC CIO Connect Summit. We would like to recognize all of the commitment and support of our sponsors: Intel, Mansoft, Riverbed, International Turnkey Systems, ABC Qatar and Brocade. All of which helped make EMC CIO Connect a continuing success.


We thank all participants for coming and are already looking forward for another fascinating EMC CIO Connect 2016!


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