Advanced Software Division’s strategic importance

By  Adrian McDonald

As IT’s emphasis shifts away from hardware and more towards software, the Advanced Software Division’s strategic importance to EMC, our customers and our partners has become second-to-none.

With the advent of the 3rd Platform, many of our customers are faced with an ‘impossible’ challenge: how to get to the benefits of this new era of agile IT while they are locked into spending the majority of their existing budgets on maintaining 2nd Platform infrastructure.

The great news is that we can help them to answer both questions. EMC’s Storage Resource Management (SRM) and ViPR software will cut customers’ 2nd Platform running costs – by identifying and delivering greater efficiencies – and the same products will also form the basis of their evolution to the 3rd Platform.

This is why we grew our ASD business in EMEA by 300% in 2013; why I expect those revenues to accelerate even faster this year; and why we have expanded from 20 to 80 ASD Sales and Pre-sales resources across the theatre.

By focusing on ViPR, and on building SRM into your product configurations wherever possible, there is incremental opportunity to each of you: both in terms of exceeding your targets and developing strategic, longer-term relationships with your accounts.

The market is changing and it is up to us at EMC to respond to that change – both as a business and in terms of our offering to customers.

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