EMC CIO Connect Summit 2014 – Overview

On June 4th and 5th, CIOs, IT-professionals and experts from EMC, Intel, VMware, Cisco and more are gathering in Istanbul, Turkey, to discuss what challenges and opportunities alike the “Third Platform” has to offer.

The “Third Platform” itself consists of four trends: Mobile, Cloud, Big Data and Social. Each of those trends alone marks giant steps for the IT-world and our society as a whole. Together though, they are one thing above all: an enormous challenge to companies that not only want to adapt to them, but leverage their potential as well. And that’s exactly what the EMC CIO Connect Summit 2014 is all about. Kicking off with keynotes from EMCs regional leaders, the two-day long event consists of the following tracks:

Cloud & Virtualization

In this track, the focus is all about moving data, calculations and workload to the cloud. Therefore, the Cloud & Virtualization topic is not only viewed from three different perspectives (Technology, Process and People), but there are also separate sessions, focusing solely on specific topics and tasks. Accordingly, “IT as a service” is just as well covered as the  the “Road to Innovation”.

Big Data

“Cloud”, “Virtualization” and “Availability” may be big buzzwords, but none of them are as paramount today as “BIG DATA”. In the corresponding track at the EMC CIO Summit 2014, topics like the need for Data Science it the benefits it brings will be covered in depth along with Application development and sessions about the general Value of Big Data from a business perspective.

Security & Availability

When everything is connected, everything is a potential entry point for cyber-criminals; but ‘Trust’ isn’t one of EMCs main pillars for no reason. In this track RSA, the security division of EMC, experts will talk about the general threats of cyber crime while focusing on ways to not only face them but to adapt and learn from them be it by Security, or Availability-measures.

Find the full Agenda here:

Summit Agenda   EMC CIO Connect Summit 2014

We are looking forward to an exciting two days with a multitude of interesting discussions around all the latest IT topics by top-experts from EMC and its partners. Stay tuned for further information and live-impressions via Twitter, and of course in further Blogs in the upcoming days.

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