Meeting With The Children at Soma

On May13th 2014 an explosion hita coal mine in the Soma province of Manisa. This disaster affected all nation especially children who lost their fathers in that accident. A non-governmental organization called Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV), which we have been working for two years, wants to be involved in those families for investing in their education and creating new environment for them. With AÇEV’s partnership, our volunteers made a meaningful visit to Soma on11 September.  Our main aim was to createa “children’s day” with smallactivities and to give an educational support to those children who lost their father in the mine accident.IMG_0797

With our 12 volunteers and 4 facilitators we organized some activities to createlittle smiles on their faces; such as, origami, science experiments for children, wood painting, story telling and magician tricks. Egemen Yılmaz, one of our friends wrote abouthis experiences of that meaningful day in his blog:

“We spent a very important and big day with somelittle miracles. We painted woods, we made origami papers, we told each other fairytales and we made crazy experiments in science inventor room. That day we lived moments of surprise together, we got tired together and most importantly we had funtogether.”

As a part of the project, we made donations with in order to support AÇEV in the buildingof a library.
We thank all our employees and volunteers for their kind support.IMG_1026

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