#EMCForum Continues The Digital Transformation Dialogue in Saudi


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Mohamed Talaat, Vice President Saudi, Egypt, Libya, and Turkey

EMC Forum 2015 in Saudi has once again been a great success thanks to our partners and customers who continue to engage with us in the digital transformation discussion.

It’s not just about the numbers that turn up, the quality of the attendees, the richness of the knowledge exchanged, and the power of the ideas generated is what make this event a highlight for me year after year.

EMC Forum has the advantage of being tailored to the market we hold it in. Its focus on Saudi helps us delve deeper into the technological trends, investments and ambitious visions that shape the local market. It’s also where EMC delivers its message of what the future holds in terms of exciting new innovations and solutions.

But the EMC Forum wasn’t just about technological innovation. Rather, EMC recognizes it as an opportunity to unlock value for our customers and help them prepare for a rapidly changing, urbanized and data driven world. The Forum created space for organizations to discuss how technology was bringing them closer to their customers and enabling them to be bolder, faster and smarter than ever before.

The Mega Trends

We saw three key trends take centre stage at the Forum in 2015. First, the discussion honed in on Big Data. This is an inescapable topic of conversation, because we live in a world where businesses generate a massive amount of data as they store an incredible amount of information around their customers and markets. The goal here is to unlock the potential intelligence associate with all of this data and analyse it so that it becomes genuine market insight. Being prepared is half the battle, and solutions like EMC’s Data Lakes help us enhance our clients’ forecasting and planning capabilities so that they are always ahead of the competition.

Closely linked to the Big Data conversation is the one about Flash. Big data needs to be stored safely and effectively, but also needs to be accessible at lightening speeds. Smart businesses, like smart cities, need real-time access to data for decision-making. Conventional magnetic platter arrays are posing a bottleneck. They’re simply not fast enough to enable a responsive framework of analytics and user apps. Fortunately, technological advances have meant all-flash storage solutions such as EMC’s XtremeIO 4.0 are not just incredibly fast but also cost effective – cutting for example SAP reporting times by 30-40% while also creating cost savings of up to 50%.

The Saudi Arabia EMC Forum focused on bringing technological innovation in line with customer aims. That’s why the discussion also included Hybrid Cloud. With EMC’s Hybrid Cloud solution, our clients benefit from the security and safety of private clouds melded with the cost-effectiveness of public clouds to ensure data and apps are readily available anywhere, anytime.

Our Forum is only successful because it creates two-way conversations with our partners and customers. At the EMC Forum in Saudi Arabia, we put some of our customers on stage to discuss their ambitions, vision for the future, and their IT strategies. Armed with this knowledge, EMC can help those looking to unlock value from their IT to compete effectively, and prepare for the seismic changes that are being created by big data and cloud computing.

Thank you

I’d like to personally thank each and every one of our delegates, partners and customers who came to the event, and enriched it by sharing how IT is enabling them to better serve their customers and better compete. I’d also like to share my appreciation for the EMC Saudi team. It is their collective efforts that have made EMC the number one place to work for in the country.

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