EMC ViPR Controller Goes Open-Source

CoprHdIn continuing with the trend of innovation and improvement EMC revealed its next big announcement at EMC World 2015 – The EMC ViPR Controller, Project CoprHD. Engineered to provide developers with a single, vendor-neutral control point for storage automation, the Project CoprHD APIs offer the same level of flexibility, choice, security and transparency as the ViPR Controller. The aim is to develop a platform that provides simple storage management for both EMC and third-party arrays. Customers of the ViPR Controller customers benefit from access to EMC’s world-class support and professional services.

EMC aims to provide a more intelligent, flexible framework for dynamically managing multi-vendor storage resources. Open solutions and standards will simplify storage management to the benefit of end users.

As Project CoprHD and ViPR Controller expand to support more features and more storage platforms, various benefits can be offered across multiple constituencies:

  • Customer benefits include vendor neutrality, flexibility, frequent enhancements, and greater choice
  • Aids development and delivery of new service offerings for their customers and expand storage coverage
  • The ability to participate in helping to drive the overall increased adoption of Software-Defined Storage

EMC is invested in supporting community-driven development for technologies like Project CoprHD to enable innovation. ViPR Controller is the perfect candidate for open source contribution. Read on to learn about the new ways in which Project CoprHD will evolve in the open source community.

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