EMC Saudi Arabia’s double #1 Great Place to Work® recognition is no accident!

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Mohamed Talaat, Vice President Saudi, Egypt, Libya, and Turkey

Innovation is never an accident. It requires the creation of a culture that rewards good ideas. It needs people throughout the organisation to take a stake in its success.

EMC is in the business of innovation that helps clients prepare for the future through cutting edge technologies. That’s why we’ve been staunch advocates of creating a culture where employees are involved in the company’s success, and stay with us for the long term. Remember: hiring talent is easy, but retaining and developing core people to build genuine success needs commitment.

We’re absolutely delighted that our efforts to create an egalitarian, innovative and dynamic workplace have seen us retain our position as the #1 Great Place to Work® in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the second year in a row. The result comes from an audit conducted by the well-known Great Place to Work® Institute.

Great Place to Work® results are completely independent. Our ranking was based on direct and confidential feedback from our employees, who measured us for our credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie. The Great Place to Work® Institute also looked at our management and HR practices to ensure that we have the right structures in place for employee motivation and growth.

The survey recognised EMC’s compelling work environment, where communication is built into our cultural fabric, and management is always accessible. We’re proud that Great Place to Work® also noticed our commitment towards enrolling, retaining and supporting young Saudi nationals as part of our commitment to Saudi Arabia’s labour regulations.

Again, these policies don’t occur by accident. Rather, they are part of a concerted drive to improve workforce diversity and sustain nation building by training Saudi nationals. Over the years, we’ve introduced successful initiatives like the Technology Associates program to recruit talented young Saudi nationals, enrol them in training programs and offer technical mentorship programmes that guide them through their early careers with us. Our EMC Academic Alliance Program helps us reach out to young nationals in universities and offer them the skills to succeed in an exciting, rapidly changing future.

We’re not just an IT company. Rather, we’re a people business. Our entire product, process and client success comes from our people doing what they do best. It’s up to us to give them the space, support and structures they need to succeed. The Great Place to Work® recognition is an affirmation of all what we have done. It’s also an inspiration to continue achieving together. So to everyone part of the fantastic EMC Saudi Arabia team, a hearty well done. Here’s to 2016!

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