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This year’s motto at the EMC CIO Connect in Prague was “Redefine possible”. For sure, it’s a big aim for all participants but clearly one meeting the expectations of EMC’s customers. Divided into 3 Tracks here’s an overview of Summit: part 2.

To meet the needs of IT Transformation the EMC CIO Connect Summit in Prague was divided into 3 unique tracks. For participants who were interested in redefining their Enterprise IT Architecture, the first Track illustrated a selection of speakers and presentations focused on this very topic. The main focus points of the track included:

  • Software-Defined Data Centers
  • Visibility & Agility in SDDCs
  • New World of Hybrid Clouds
  • Strategy and Design for Service Catalogs
  • And Security within the SDDC

The Power of SDDC

trackblog1_1The first track of the day focused on highlighting the powers of Software-defined Data Centers, Denis Janot and Kai Preuss showed the audience how SDDC enables IT to run at the speed of Business whilst providing the agility to deliver new services, decrease cost in an age of increasing capacity demands.

They explained that the traditional “Waterfall” model from requirement to roll out is no longer an option. Enterprises do need an agile model, where all sorts of planning, analysis and production can coexist next to each other.

Therefore, a new infrastructure is needed. An SDDC can reduce time in a cost-effective fashion,trackblog1_2 which has become critical but can only be reached via standardization, massive automation and use of COTS components. Also the gap between 2nd and 3rd generation IT platforms needs to be overcome. New infrastructure must support new disruptive technology. EMC is here to support your journey at moving your infrastructure from siloed storage to commodity hardware: Put a control layer in between. ViPR provides all the tools you need! With Scale IO you can build your own software-defined Data Center.

The Choice is limitless

Walking into a supermarket and buying simple plain yoghurt can be a real challenge: Fat-free,
low-fat, normal fat, cow-milk, goat-milk, soya, lactose-free … the choices are huge. It’s impossible to know all the differences and see all affects. So – how should organizations enable a software-defined architecture, as there are also limitless choices?


This is where EMC joins the party. EMC allows you to have the visibility and agility to transform your state and enable the SDDC. The whole point is: where do you run your application? Here’s what you have to keep in mind:

  • Low utilization rates drive up storage costs
  • Too much high-end storage reduces ROI
  • Too many tools prohibit managing a heterogeneous environment
  • Complexity and overlap across environments lead to extended resolution time for migrations, outages, day to day management
  • Inadequate reporting resulting in reactive management.

Operating an SDDC is not the same as operating a classic Data center environment: Self-service usage of resources and rapid provisioning make visibility and control a key part of running operations, and requires automation and reporting tools that are integrated and always up to date, providing the visibility and control that enable fast decisions, cost optimizations and high flexibility.

Over the Clouds and far away

It is getting a little late if you’re still just thinking about implementing a Cloud System. ‘Hybrid’ is more than the bridging of private and public architectures, hybrid Cloud and Converged Infrastructure are fundamental to the fluid, agile enterprise. A hybrid Cloud gives organizations an easy way to deliver Cloud services on-demand, while reducing cost (and making it more transparent to the business users) and simplifying management.


Walid Yehia then explained how a Public Cloud system for Vodafone customers in Egypt not only provided a lot of storage for the company but opened up a total new business approach.

It’s a Public Cloud Success story. Vodafone’s Business needs included the following, all of which had been exceeded:

Be a market pioneer

  • Provide new platform to enable new SME services
  • Implement new scalable Cloud platform
  • Replace existing “Sherkety” SSP whilst integrating with existing apps.

Secure Your Data, Secure Your Business!

“RSA was attacked in 2011 and as it turned out, the attack came from China. It was not meant toTrackblog1_feat do great harm. It was not about gathering property. The attack on the RSA was an attempt to use it as a door opener to other places. That changed the threat landscape a lot. Hence we got to rethink factors like risk”, said Dr. Robert Griffin in his Session about Cyber Security.

Today’s business environments are fraught with cyber risk; new adversaries, new tactics, and new threats. Conventional defenses are no longer effective. To leverage the power of SDDC in today’s digital world, your security capabilities must also evolve. Dr. Griffin described the RSA strategy of Advanced Cyber Defense that delivers visibility, analysis and action in order to stop today’s advanced cyber threats.


To sum that up, Dr. Griffins fascinating report about some shocking case studies from the RSA showed, that it does not end at implementing a Software-defined Data Center, which reduces costs and empowers your work efficiency. It is also necessary to think about your risk factors, which could be anything from downtime, servicing, or having to defend your data center against cyber-crimes.

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