Why Yamaha Motor believes in EMC’s Hybrid Cloud


Why do clients like Yamaha Motor, who believe in bravery, innovation and exceeding performance parameters, turn to EMC as their partner of choice?

Well, there’s also the world-class expertise backed by customer service. And the advanced technologies that easily handle cloud computing and big data. Plus of course the track record of successful big project wins and delivery. More importantly for clients like Yamaha Motor, EMC backs up technological prowess with an ability to see beyond the horizon to chart a course that revs its engines for the future.

Consider the EMC Hybrid Cloud solution, which is the next step on the innovation ladder for corporations worldwide. Cloud computing is the next big thing because it enables IT and data accessibility anytime, anywhere. But hybrid cloud computing delivers an additional level of exciting functionality by combining the best attributes of private clouds and public ones in a solution that works seamlessly to deliver transparency reliability, performance and scalability.

Private clouds are exclusively owned by the client. They are set up from scratch, and offer the advantages of security, compliance and speed. They’re ideal for extremely sensitive data and processes that need to be “always on”. Public clouds are run over third party services, such as Amazon, Google, or a host of other vendors. What they lack in exclusivity, they make up in other positives – such as a pay as you go model that reduces initial cost, and the ability to scale easily by buying more firepower.


A hybrid combination of private and public clouds creates the best of both worlds – dedicated owned cloud networks for sensitive data, and the ability to serve spikes in demand through public clouds.

That explanation makes it all seems easy. But there’s a reason why clients turn to EMC’s hybrid. It took 40,000 hours of engineering to create a solution that can run on EMC-owned technology but can also accommodate Microsoft solutions, and through a unique Open Stack option, work with just about any other vendor.

Then there’s the matter of speed. EMC’s hybrid cloud can be rolled out in just 28 – regardless of organisation size or complexity. Once the foundation’s laid down, it takes 5 days to get from the starting point to implementation for the core services. It’s simple, really. EMC delivers breath taking performance at realistic costs while playing well with other systems and vendors. EMC treats the cloud very much like a transparent storage space, enabling functions like universal backups, cloud to cloud transfers that make light work of multiple clouds, data protection and permissions.

In collaboration with brave clients like Yamaha who demand more, EMC delivers agility and speed, all the while keeping the business incredibly happy. The IT department has the efficiency and control it needs, and as the flexibility and choice it wants when it comes to vendors and partners. As any bike enthusiast will tell you, choosing the right ride for the right conditions is essential. And that’s why when Yamaha Motor was looking for a complete IT infrastructure to help it deliver plenty of torque around future curves in the road, it turned to the most innovative ride possible. For EMC, speed, simplicity, flexibility and redline performance were a given. But more importantly, Yamaha Motor encouraged us to create an IT bedrock that empowered the brand’s operations across the globe so it power away from the competition.

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