Top Five Reasons why you should attend an EMC Forum in 2014

By Zaher Haydar


Zaher Haydar - Regional Pre-Sales Manager, Turkey, Emerging Africa, and Middle East
Zaher Haydar – Regional Pre-Sales Manager, Turkey, Emerging Africa, and Middle East

If you’re thinking to yourself why you should spend a day at an EMC Forum this year… maybe thinking that you have a busy schedule or wondering about what you will miss… Here are the top 5 reasons for you to attend:

  • Transform with Flash: See and hear what all this buzz about Flash is and; how Flash technology is transforming the Data Center and is turning it into an All-Silicon Data Center. Discuss with your peers and industry experts how you can plan to fully leverage Flash technology in your own Data Center to maximize performance and optimize foot-print.
  • The 3rd Platform: If you are thinking I don’t have to worry about it now… Think again.  Join the conversation around the 3rd Platform wave of IT transformation, how applications are evolving, why they require new infrastructure and how to get your organization ready. Understand the critical workload factors, technologies and architectures you’ll need to help you modernize existing applications as you move to a mobile and big data-driven world.
  • Get Competitive: Explore how your organization can become data-driven and how your business could gain a competitive advantage by leveraging Big Data. Interact with peers and discuss how they are planning to put Big Data to practical use to better serve their businesses by using great insights and real-time intelligence.
  • Trust Your IT: Worried about advanced persistent threats? See how RSA’s Intelligence-Driven Security platform gives you an edge to respond to the latest and most persistent threats.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Are you a Service Provider or planning to become one? A hybrid cloud would give your organizations an easy way to deliver cloud services on-demand — while reducing cost and simplifying management. This will be a perfect venue to discuss what other SP’s are doing leveraging solutions and technologies from EMC.

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