Solving Top Oracle Challenges with Next Generation Enterprise Storage


On November 10th there will be a free webinar where you can learn how EMC’s next generation enterprise storage platform, the VMAX3, provides unique value for Oracle database infrastructures.

When it comes to infrastructure for Oracle databases there are some common challenges that most DBA’s and IT managers agree on.









When you simplify these you will see that most of the key challenges revolve around three areas:

  1. Performance
  2. Consolidation
  3. Protection

If you inspect even further you will also find that almost all enterprise storage runs mixed workloads.  This means that both Oracle databases and multiple other workloads are run on the same storage.  These other workloads can include other databases (e.g. SQL Server), ERP applications, Virtual Machines, Mail and even Home Directories just to name a few.

So the question becomes ‘How do I solve my Oracle database challenges AND meet the requirements of other mixed workloads?’.

The answer is VMAX3!

Here are just a few of the cutting edge benefits you will receive from using VMAX3 in your Oracle database environments.


  • Flexibility – you choose the response time required for each workload. Including sub-millisecond response times using Flash Drives.
  • Lower TCO – meet all your performance requirements leveraging a mix of Flash Drives and traditional Hard Disk Drives. Automated performance tuning assures the performance levels you’ve selected for each workload are achieved.
  • Performance Tools – Leverage built-in performance tools as well as Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) plug-ins to easily manage and troubleshoot performance requirements


  • Lower TCO – reduce overall costs by consolidating Terabytes, or even Petabytes, into one highly scalable platform.
  • Simplify Management – consolidate multiple, disconnected, management tools into one simple to use and fully automated solution
  • Provision Faster – use Service Level Objective provisioning to provision storage for databases in minutes. Create Snaps (copies) of database in seconds using virtually no storage.


  • Six 9’s Availability – Six 9’s availability built into the box including Non-Disruptive Upgrades
  • Local and Remote Protection – Leverage protection tools designed to provide local or remote protection for high availability and even constant availability when used with clustering technologies, like Oracle RAC. Use the same tools to protect your Oracle environment and mixed workload environment.
  • Faster Backup/Restore – Leverage a brand new, industry first, technology to do backups and restores across the Storage Area Network, with no need for dedicated backup servers, software or network traffic.

Hear about all this and more on November 10th


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