Security & Availability @ EMC CIO Summit Istanbul

In the age of the Third Platform where billions of users will be connected to their organizations’ networks through Mobile and Apps few things are as important as Security & Availability. At the CIO Connect Summit 2014 EMC and RSA highlighted their innovative solutions and best practices to help organizations protect and secure their most valuable asset, their data.

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Cyber threats have recently been evolving in terms of their sophistication and sponsorship and we are now seeing them rapidly moving from disruptive to potentially destructive. It’s now just a matter of time before an organization’s network is breached and it is becoming more difficult for organizations to be fully protected and to operate without incidents in this new and evolving threat landscape. RSA is discussing what a data breach is starting to look like and what and the potential damage the business can sustain due to a cyber attack; its also advising organizations on ways to detect the attack quickly and how to gather enough visibility and context to assess the real impact as well as enabling prompt actions to reduce the risk and enhance the incident response capabilities of an organization.

Ahmed Abdella RSA
Ahmed Abdella, Regional Director, Turkey, Africa, and Middle East, RSA

Ahmed Abdella, Regional Director, Turkey Africa and Middle East, RSA, highlighted in his session the business impact of cyber threats and data breaches, saying: “The question today is not whether your organization will be compromised or not but when it will happen, how long it will take you to detect it and finally how much damage will the adversary cause. Some will argue that there are two types of organizations; those who know and those that don’t know yet. The only exception is an organization that doesn’t have any valuable information, which is another problem in itself.”

Security Evolution and Business Transformation

The evolution of IT has consistently expanded connectivity in terms of number of users and access to information in terms of number of apps. The disruptive characteristics of the ‘Third Platform’ such as mobile access, cloud infrastructure, big data, and pervasive use of social media changes the security requirements. IT departments used to easily control security of the organization where the primary access device is a company PC or laptop and where key corporate applications ran inside the data center on standardized infrastructure and where there was a clear distinction between internal and external networks, and a small number of ingress and egress points.

Alaa Abdulnabi, Pre-Sales Manager, Turkey, Middle East, and Africa, RSA
Alaa Abdulnabi, Pre-Sales Manager, Turkey, Middle East, and Africa, RSA

In addition to this, Alaa Abdulnabi, Regional Pre-Sales Manager, Turkey, Middle East, and Africa, RSA, says at the Security Session at the EMC CIO Connect Summit: “In the age of sophisticated threats and IT transformation to the 3rd platform taking advantage of disruptive forces such as Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, and Social; it has become imperative that a new approach is required for information security. Intelligence driven security is based on visibility and analytics, allowing organizations to gather actionable intelligence which they can use to detect advanced threats in the shortest possible time and to take adequate and prioritized decisions to mitigate risks. It is all about early detection with full business context to assess the real impact: early warning systems don’t prevent tsunamis but they do save lives”.

The challenges facing organizations today stretch far beyond embracing new technologies and adapting IT for business value. The new age of data and information availability requires a more advanced, almost infallible use of technological solutions to eliminate any possibility of loss of data. By converging availability and DR needs, organizations can dramatically reduce the risk of such challenges and deliver consistent and highly available services back to their business.

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