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EMC’s Hybrid Cloud Helps Etisalat Win Modern Data Center Award

Imagine tripling your application performance simply as a result of your enterprise modernizing its IT infrastructure? Well Etisalat Misr has recently proved it’s possible plus so much more!

As one of EMC’s winners of the Modern Data Center Award, Etisalat Misr exhibited that speed of innovation is the key to success in any market place. They beat out their competitors by deploying EMC’s Hybrid Cloud. Hybrid Cloud allowed Etisalat to seamlessly extend their private data center into the public cloud, using the same tools and processes that they already had in place without adding costs or complexity to the existing environment.

EtisalatMisr2With a clear focus on enhancing customer satisfaction through improved service offerings and delivery, Etisalat Misr revolutionized its IT backbone powered on IT-as-a-Service capabilities. EMC’s Hybrid Cloud enabled the IT team at Etisalat Misr to create a single platform that effectively managed both traditional and next generation applications, thus giving Etisalat Misr the agility and efficiency to support their ambitious growth trajectory. Cloud computing also enabled them to win new business because of the reduction in IT infrastructure and data footprint, while speeding up the time to market and overall improvement in customer service.


Watch how EMC provided Etisalat Misr with the tools to modernise their data center through the Hybrid Cloud.

Etisalat Misr won the award from EMC because of the impact of IT and business transformation, due to the deployment of EMC’s strategic technologies and services.

The EMC awards recognize forward-thinking customers who are leveraging key EMC technology pillars while driving forward today’s protected and trusted modern data center (flash, software-defined, scale-out and cloud-enabled– building Cloud and Big Data solutions) to transform their businesses.

66% of businesses say they need to invest more to modernize their structure by becoming more digitally savvy, so that they can meet the demands of their market quickly and effectively[1]. And that’s why customers need a cloud-based platform.

With Hybrid Cloud, enterprises can refocus their efforts back into the business to innovate and compete. This is done by removing as many of the hurdles of IT and software management and allowing more flexibility in terms of managing and schedule resources, just as Etisalat Misr has done in Egypt.

EMC would like to see other SME’s and larger enterprises innovate, experiment and deliver outcome-based solutions without worrying about whether their data systems and storage can manage or scale up, which is why we have declared 2016 the Year of All-Flash for Primary Storage. When enterprises are too slow or reluctant to deploy a modern data center, their market share and profits could suffer irreparably.

Hybrid Cloud is a fully turnkey developer platform ready to use in hybrid operating models. It gives you the speed to transform your business into a software-driven enterprise with best-in-class Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service technologies. And it’s simple. Show us a growing enterprise that doesn’t want that!

Etisalat is helping redefine the future of the region by helping implement the infrastructure and technology needed for a modern data center.

Find out more about EMC’s Hybrid Cloud or other big data solutions.

[1] Vanson Bourne survey of 4,000 business leaders across 15 countries from mid-size to large enterprises in 12 industries titled, “EMC Digital Business”. Respondents were selected according to job function (from business owners to decision-makers in marketing, customer service, R&D and finance). The full research will be released in Summer of 2016.


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