Kiddie’s Day Out at EMC!


If you were near the EMC complex in Saudi Arabia on May 21st you would be wondering what all the noise and clamor was all about. The reason behind these gales of laughter and delighted shrieks was EMC’s Daddy@Work day. The initiative was aimed at helping employees maintain a healthy and balanced work life, while giving them a chance to spend a fun day with the little ones.


The event was also a chance for children to see the work environment at EMC while having a blast with their parents. Daddy@Work is a brainchild of EMC’s HR team, with the primary goal of creating an endearing community spirit and strengthening bonds between colleagues and families.

DSCF2305This year’s activities included a Magical Photo Booth with instantly printed pictures which could be taken home and cherished as a souvenir. There were loads of exciting games like a trust game where kids guided their parents to arrange the magnetic letters correctly, a Teddy Bear treasure hunt where kids could keep the Teddy Bear they found and a video game console area. Kids were even treated to a golf cart tour around the EMC campus and a lentil planting session where parents could keep the planted lentil on their desk. “Bazzinga” put on a mesmerizing magic show followed by a creative balloon maker.


In an interesting spot of role-play Kids got to interview their Fathers in a mock interview session and Fathers asked their Mini-EMC’ers to pronounce some complicated words, with some hilarious and adorable results! After a fun and activity packed day parents and kids got to take home their own uniquely messaged EMC souvenir shirts.


As the #1 company to work for in Saudi Arabia EMC strives to create an engaging and family-friendly work environment, which promotes community involvement. This is just one of the many events that EMC hosts for its employees. The event was a huge success and provided a welcome distraction from the rigors and stress of daily office routines, it’s always great to see everyone having a good time and enjoying a well-deserved break.


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