How Hybrid Cloud Redefines Business


Enterprise IT is coming under pressure from all sides. Developers, end users and line of business owners all require a more dynamic architecture which delivers agility and can deliver the right IT services and support the business with advanced applications, as necessitated by project requirements.

IT infrastructure decisions are driven by application requirements, regardless of whether they are ERP or Mobile and Analytics. As the Cloud becomes more prevalent, decisions about application placement and consumption models are steadily growing more complex. In order to balance these growing needs robust and well-run hybrid clouds will need to be implemented.

The challenge for Enterprise IT is that it can be difficult to merge compliance, performance, security, and the precise control that private cloud offers with the flexibility and efficiency of public cloud – all this while also maintaining interoperability and visibility.

In other words, create the ideal Hybrid Cloud set up.

In order to better deliver services to the end user, a software-defined approach is required. There is a largely untapped opportunity in finding the middle ground between traditional applications and more contemporary next-gen applications.

Hybrid Cloud can enable adopters to deliver IT as a Service (ITaaS), rather than just making it easier for developers and users to deploy new servers. It can enable business to meet their client’s needs for self-service, fast provisioning, and scalability. It is also the ultimate platform to incorporate both on-premises cloud services as well as public cloud offerings in the overall cloud strategy.

The priorities remain: Providing financial management, operational control and visibility that IT organisations required and on-demand self-service that developers and application users have come to expect.

EMC Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud empowers IT with a comprehensive suite of intelligent implementations that you can benefit from.

Here’s a notion of what EMC Hybrid Cloud has to offer.

  • Self-Service and Automation
  • Multi-tier Application Blueprinting
  • Intelligent Monitoring
  • Metering and Chargeback
  • Security and Compliance
  • Smarter, Simplified Data Protection
  • Access to EMC Cloud Service Providers

EMC has also unveiled new Professional Services to eradicate cloud complexity including:

  • Services for Enterprise Hybrid Cloud
  • Cloud Advisory Service
  • IT Transformation Workshop
  • Education Services

The end-user and developers benefit from instant access to a wide array of enterprise application resources from the likes of Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. Hybrid Cloud also supports custom applications, along with the ability to easily add them to the roster. All of these resources can be deployed on-premises and off-premises to public clouds like VMware vCloud Air and EMC-powered Cloud Service Providers.

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