How Data is Helping Drive a New Era in Healthcare


EMC.pngWhat do consumers want from the Healthcare sector? A recent EMC report states that 89% of healthcare providers say technology has changed patient expectations. While there are a number of principles that drive expectations; ‘Millennials’ buy on price, The Baby Boomer generation buys on cost and quality, and the builder generation buys based on quality and trust, one principle that cuts across all is convenience.

Convenience within the Healthcare sector is driven by Data. Valuable data can deliver services faster, provide insight on how to engage and communicate with your consumer and can increase productivity by devising new solutions.

Data is growing quickly, with healthcare representing a significant percentage of the overall Digital Universe, and continuing to grow at 48% per year – even faster than rest of the Digital Universe. To adapt to the changing landscape, 5 critical business imperatives should be taken into consideration by healthcare providers: –

  1. Predictively spot new opportunities, such as population health, value-based care and patient-centred medical home.
  2. Demonstrate transparency and trust when it comes to treatment options, success rates and medical records access.
  3. Innovate in an agile way: For example, clinical research, integration and the Internet of Things.
  4. Deliver a unique and personalized experience “with 360-degree patient view.”
  5. Providers should always be on and operate in real time using telemedicine, mHealth and medication adherence.

The Future Healthcare Model will shift from one-to-one to “mass” model with focus on collaboration and Population Healthcare Management. Data will enable information-driven decisions and IT will be a key enabler.

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