Harness the Power of Big Data with XtremIO’s Lightning Speed


Speed is of the essence. It’s not just enough to have great pools of data on hand, that data needs to be stored, accessed, and crunched to create meaningful insight.

Etisalat recently announced the launch of ‘UAE Wifi with Etisalat’, UAE residents will be able to connect to the Internet using their mobile devices in more than 250 major public locations across the country high speed public WIFI in the UAE. An incredible number of interconnected devices linked to the Internet of Things (IoT) will generate a phenomenal amount of data. That data will need to be stored and accessed rapidly. Residents will need intelligent services for a better quality of life, and these services will require up-to-the-minute data. Conventional storage solutions just can’t handle such intense availability and speed requirements.

That’s why Smart Cities are facing a storage conundrum. But so are large businesses in the UAE. Rapid, incisive decisions simply can’t be made using yesterday’s data. Asking managers to base strategic and tactical decisions on out-dated numbers effectively handicaps a business.

There’s no point having a thousand gallons of water if you can only access it through a thin drinking straw. All that potential lies there, stagnant. Volume isn’t what’s important when it comes to big data – accessibility is. That’s why EMC has sunk massive resources into taking away this drinking straw and affixing a high-speed gusher instead.

emcThe XtremIO 4.0 solution is all-flash. It’s lightning fast because it doesn’t rely on magnetic platters that need to spin up to speed every time a record is accessed. So fast and robust is this storage array that the industry has nicknamed it “The Beast.”

Yet what is a beast without beauty? The beauty of XtremIO 4.0 lies in its scalable architecture. It can start small and grow to deliver over a petabyte. The scaling is linear, and the speeds constant and predictable. Then of course, there’s the sheer simplicity of implementation and the ease of use.

In practical implementation, the XtremIO solution has shown an ability to cut SAP reporting times by 30 to 40%. At the same time, compression and clever storage technologies actually reduce storage costs by up to 50%.

It’s no wonder then that the XtremIO solution, in its six quarters on the market, has achieved over USD 1 billion in bookings. The customer count has exceeded over 1,750. Customer quality is staggering too – 60% of the Fortune 100 companies are clients, as are 47% of the Fortune 200.

And that’s where the true beauty of this “Beast” shines through. The XtremIO solution makes data accessible at high speeds to enable the smart cities and businesses of tomorrow.


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