Extreme Value, Extreme Performance, XtremIO

EMC has just announced its guarantee for –XtremIO– at EMC World in Las Vegas.

The flash enterprise data storage system delivers extreme value performance, scalability, user friendliness, cost efficacy and efficiency to all flash-array customers. What’s more, EMC has announced a cool 1 million dollar guarantee The XtremIO $1Million Guarantee to the first customer who can prove that the system’s inline data services have been switched off, throttled back or defaulted to a system garbage collection state. The XtremIO guarantee is an indication that EMC is the only flash storage provider who can deliver on the promise of being inline constantly and consistently.

The Benefits of XtremIO…
Customers now expect all-flash arrays to support work that needs predictable and consistent low-latency across frequently changing datasets. Granular metadata processing, shared in-memory metadata handling and content-based data placement enable XtremIO’s game-changing sustained IOPS metrics while offering core services like deduplication and copy data services. Average writing to the XtremIO array is between a 0.25 to 0.3 millisecond response-time. It provides superior flash memory performance in high I/O sectors like healthcare and banking services, especially in emerging markets.

More now, More Later…
Sustainability and choice are two of the product’s key assets on which EMC focused. An intrinsically enhanced architecture will also accommodate value-added features over time and further empower the market leader in flash storage. To prove this, their million-dollar guarantee runs till September 30, 2014.


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