Etisalat Misr: Redefining Telecommunication for the Future with EMC Hybrid Cloud

EMCThe Connected World  

Today’s Millennials carry an average of 4 internet connected devices per person! The consumption of digital media on mobile devices and access to the internet through smartphones on mobile networks exceeds traditional web access. To us this is a clear cut sign that we, as a service provider that enables connectivity, need to be competitive and innovative in providing a multitude of ‘always-on’ services that are both flexible and agile while staying ahead of the demands of Egypt’s connected public. On top of that, as we collectively move forward towards a future of smart cities and services, we need to take into consideration the ‘Internet of Things’ which will see a host of devices such as smart cars and home appliances all talking to one another to enhance and optimize user experience.  The world is now more connected than ever and there’s only one direction for this growing trend, up.

If telecoms in the region and around the world want to stay relevant and provide the best EMC 3possible services in the future, they will need to do things a little differently. Etisalat Misr believes that current demands require constant out-of-the-box thinking to meet the rising expectations of the technologically savvy customer, especially the millennial and Z generations. As CIO I need to make sure our IT infrastructure can deliver with speed while eliminating additional costs to us and the end user. The partnership we have with EMC makes our vision possible as we leverage EMC’s solutions and services which deliver top-of-the-line IT solutions that help us future proof our data centers through automation, virtualization, and Hybrid Cloud.

Closing the Gap

EMC 2Ultimately the technology we invest in has to eliminate any gaps between us and our customers. Otherwise it’s irrelevant to us. EMC’s Hybrid Cloud solutions have put us on the path to a state-of-the art IT infrastructure which not only enables us to meet rising demands but also helps us precisely map out consumer trends so that we can deliver relevant products and services to the public and to businesses quickly and effectively.

Internally, moving to an IT as a Service model allows our lines of business, and customer service teams to be quicker and more responsive to the consumer’s world around us. This model also gives us as an IT organization the ability to respond quickly to multiple lines-of-business requests, enabling rapid infrastructure and services delivery, measured in hours rather than weeks and months. IT is now at the core of our strategy at Etisalat and continues to Redefine our business for the future.

Delivering ‘Next-Gen’ Today

At the end of the day, innovation remains as one of our top priorities here at Etisalat Misr. We want provide Etisalat users in Egypt more options, better service quality, innovative services, and better value for money without compromising on any existing services. EMC’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud enables us to do just that with ease. Next generation applications and services can now be provisioned and deployed with incredible speed giving the public access to a whole world of smart services at their fingertips.

As consumers continue to demand and expect smart connectivity in their everyday life and as the majority of services continue moving to the cloud Etisalat Misr is happy to be a partner and gateway to the future.

Sincerely Yours
Khalid AlMansouri,
Chief Information Officer, Etisalat Misr



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