Empowering Diversity on International Women’s Day

Haidi Nossair, Marketing Director, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Middle East
While March 8th marks the International Women Day, I don’t believe it should be the only day we celebrate and acknowledge women.  In my opinion, It is an annual pause to accelerate the efforts around driving gender equality, around improving girls’ education where needed and amplifying the important role that men play in advancing women careers;  It is a great time to reflect on our accomplishments vis a vis our goals, and assess what are the efforts we are making towards career advancement; it is a great opportunity to reflect as well on how did we help other women take a step forward on their journey of life and career; it’s a day to think can we help young women have a great future by believing in themselves and their abilities.

As a member of the Women Leadership Committee for Turkey, Europe East, Africa and Middle East, I am very proud of the work we do in the region and in EMC globally to avail opportunities for the great women of EMC to evolve, develop and be the leaders of tomorrow.One of the great activities of the year is the nomination of 20 EMC women from the region to join more EMC women colleagues from around the world to attend the phenomenal Everywoman Forum 2016: Advancing Women in Technology which took place in London.  The forum is built to inspire 600 like-minded women from around the world with aspirations to build and advance their careers in technology.  The forum is an opportunity to network, listen to impressive accomplished speakers and take part of master classes to spark the ambition of women and learn new approaches to progress their careers.  From the Middle East and Africa we had amazing participants who are the aspiring leaders of tomorrow.  I am proud to share their feedback about the experience:



This was a truly inspiring and empowering event. It was a pleasure to meet some of the most accomplished women at EMC and listen to their stories and career advices. They were very open and approachable. One of the key takeaways: We as women tend to limit ourselves by only looking at our present skills and capabilities. We need to step out of the comfort zone and think in terms of our future potential.” Said  Viktoria Gajdosova

Lana El Husseini Said:  The Forum was enlightening, motivational and inspiring by all means.  It was a great opportunity to attend amongst all EMC women leaders and be part of this exceptional 2-day event, another reason that makes EMC a Great Place to Work at!

Fiona Nakitare shared: This has to be the most valuable event I have attended in the past few years! Hands down!  It’s an epiphany. I now know that failure is not the opposite of success but part of success, that there is nothing enlightened about shrinking myself so that other people do not feel insecure around me and that in order to push myself to my full potential, I occasionally need to be ready to do something I am little or not prepared to do or not 100% qualified to do, basically; be ready to push myself out of my comfort zone.  I know I am indebted to my ecosystem and I need to rise up and make a visible difference.


Yemi Ezebube added: It was indeed a privilege to be part of this great, wonderful and exciting event… with the knowledge and experience acquired, I feel highly motivated and inspired even more to contribute further in my capacity to the success of this great company.

 One of the first I have attended in my 6 years with EMC. Absolutely Inspiring and energizing event.  So many powerful and intelligent women under one roof!!! Said Harshika Mohanlal

Shilpy Garg added: It was an honor to meet such exemplary ladies from all walks of life who didn’t just motivate us but gave us a way to pursue our future. The most powerful advice I received from the forum was that we should start taking ourselves seriously, stop worrying and take the leap! Thank you EMC.

 Sally Marshall said: Just recently I hit my 12 year anniversary with EMC, during my 12 years I’ve attended many events, trainings and meetings but nothing beats the Everywoman Forum. The event was fantastic, I learned a lot and felt energized after the two days. I recommend that every woman in EMC should be given the chance to attend the everywoman Forum or similar at least once.

 Lina Ramadan shared: Just Inspiring! Interacting with IT female leaders and learning about their experiences, success and obstacles was refreshing. Some important key learnings for me are: Not to forget to ask why, asking good questions is Key; Not be afraid to fail, trust your guts, take risks and keep learning;  Each one of us is a role model in her arena, we #Inspire change, the future and people around us.


Wow!! Not just a motivated bunch but equally motivating and inspiring.

I wish all women an impactful and inspirational International Women Day, and I pledge them to believe in themselves and celebrate their accomplishments every single day of the year.

And to all the men I say, you are an integrated member in the success we achieve.  Don’t forget to inspire, encourage and motivate the women in your lives and support their advancement… it is my #PledgeForParity 

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