EMC’s New Hybrid Cloud Product Will Redefine the Way Businesses Run

EMC’s breakthrough product, EMC Cloud Storage (ECS) Appliance recently revealed at this year’s EMC World, has special significance for the Middle Eastern and North African markets. Regionally, the movement towards the cloud has gone from $511 million in 2013 to $4.7 billion between 2014 and 20181. EMC is a forerunner in driving the investment change to hyperscale cloud, which in turn, will help CIOs across the region to develop business-changing innovations.

Smart cities will also benefit from the EMC-driven software defined storage (SDS) product.  Maturing cloud computing and big data management forge alliances that get sensors and real-time data sources to work with city applications. EMC’s hybrid cloud innovation continues to nurture an ecosystem partnership with smart city governments in the Middle East. The UAE already ranks third in the world in the use of digital government where the cloud model is the primary tool for delivering storage, virtualization and analytics knowledge which synergize the information in a smart city.

SDS brings multiple benefits to storage infrastructure and provides smart cities and businesses with the combined benefits of a public and private cloud. The new, redefined hybrid cloud spells efficiency, agility, security, flexibility and control. It simplifies the management of existing and new storage infrastructure, and supports more storage arrays.

This redefined SDS will radicalize the way businesses perform, especially in the GCC where the macroeconomic outlook for 2014 is promising2. Saudi and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are expected to lead the way for GCC growth, with real GDP to expand by 5.3% in 2014, followed by Bahrain and Kuwait. The provision of cloud scale economy will increase business volume and flexibility in IT adoption approaches. The hybrid cloud allows businesses of any size, to retain sensitive data behind their firewalls while still being flexible and cost-effective within the cloud. It offers scalability, choice of resource allocation to the cloud at superspeeds and with minimal cost implications.

EMC_Elastic Cloud

With the hybrid cloud now making its regional presence felt, EMC’s new SDS product will create fresh revenue opportunities from new sources of data insight. Businesses will be quick to redefine themselves with software and transformational data centers. Through a choice of public and private clouding, all IT applications will find a cost-effective, flexible and agile place to live and grow. It will enable organizations to manage their conventional enterprise applications, and to use next-gen applications with speed and efficiency.

Flexibility, agility, speed and cost-efficiency are the watchwords for the hybrid cloud which will be germane to the way business functions in emerging markets like the Middle East and North Africa.

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