EMC’s Center of Excellence in Egypt Celebrates 5 Years at the Forefront


The EMC Center of Excellence in Egypt celebrated five years of customer support in Cairo this month. The center, which started in 2009, is now the second largest COE in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, and the largest in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The COE’s guests of honor at the celebration included Atef Helmy, Egypt’s Minister of CIT and Howard D. Elias, President and Chief Operating Officer of Global Enterprise Services at EMC, who commemorated the close public-private partnership which continues to be instrumental to the COE’s success story. Joining them were Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President for Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Middle East, EMC, as well as Mohamed Talaat, Regional Managing Director for Saudi, Turkey, Egypt, and Libya, EMC.

Some of the key advantages of the COE in Egypt include:

  1. The COE being located in Cairo, which is strategically and geographically well-situated to offer bridge service times to both Europe and the US, as well as producing abundant highly skilled human capital.
  2. The COE is deeply engaged in nurturing local, multilingual capital, and fosters support for the economy’s ICT sector.
  3. EMC Egypt’s role as an IT hub across the MEA region is honed consistently, through its leadership in Data Center Infrastructure, Cloud Computing Big Data, Content Management and Security.
  4. The COE is competitive and cost-effective, in comparison to alternative service delivery locations, with a scalable infrastructure. It consistently engages in innovation and R & D solutions that involve both partners and clients.

Exponential Growth in Services

Joint cooperation ensures that the best and brightest minds are constantly at work, and bring exponential growth to not only the Center as a whole but to the ICT sector in the country as well. The COE has expanded its repertoire over time and now provides complex technology services such as consulting and solution architecture services, projects and logistics management, and the establishment of nine EMC laboratories in prominent Egyptian universities. This also enables the COE to prepare and leverage local talent, creating greater employment for Egyptians, offering significant operation cost reduction, and furthering the regional economy.


Leadership in Excellence

EMC Egypt’s Center of Excellence is the leading location for number of innovative ideas submitted per employee in 2014.

  1. The Center’s Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Program is responsible for improving efficiency in processes and services.
  2. The internal Innovation Program started in 2012, keeps the EMC credo of innovation and its theme of Redefine vibrantly alive.
  3. With respect to a sense of civic responsibility, since 2011, the Sustainability Committee has been leading local initiative to make a positive impact on the local community.

Education at the Forefront

The Center partners with the Ministry of Education, CIT and major regional universities to spread the EMC values of innovation and transformation, and help develop local and market-specific ICT solutions. Making education a priority is the Center’s way of paying it forward to the community as well as improving the present and future landscape of business in the MEA region.

The 5 years of excellence at the Cairo COE underline EMC Egypt’s values of delivering operational excellence, efficiency and innovation.

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