EMC CIO Summit: Keeping a Promise

Mohammed Amin talks about the EMC CIO Summit 2014 in Istanbul and how EMC keeps its promise not only to be ahead of its competition, but also to accompany its customers on the journey to their third platform.

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Mohammed Amin – Senior Vice President Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Middle East

I have been doing Connect Summit-Events for over twelve years now. Back then, we started out with Service Providers and Telecommunication only. But just as our business expanded, so has the event evolved. Now, in 2014, I am happy to welcome CIOs from Telecommunications, Financial and Public sectors, who all rely heavily on technology to boost their innovation and services.

We are living in a time, in which industries face fundamental structural changes which require companies to adapt. Some already did, like Samsung, Western Union or GE, which for example redefined their workforce as an engine. Others however, didn’t. And some of those came quite as a surprise. 10 years ago, who would have thought that a company like Nokia would first ignore and then miss a trend such as smartphones?!

However as a result of those necessary changes, we at EMC also adapted – and we did it years ago. I am convinced, that only five IT-companies will make it through this “tidal waveof technical (r)evolution. And I furthermore strongly believe, that EMC will be one of them. The reason for that is simple: We have been leading in the Third Platform-sector for the last three years. We didn’t recognize a trend and tried to cater it, we saw it coming way before anybody else and have been actively forging its future ever since. Now, we have the track record, the right vision and were able to acquire and develop the right technology for the new challenges.

But let us get back to the EMC CIO Connect Summit itself again. This event is special: Therefore it is not about inviting people, merely showing them our great, new products. Instead, it’s about best practices and the general question what the future holds and where the journey goes. We are here, together with our partners and customers, to talk and exchange with them about the future – about the complex and long journey to the Cloud, to the successful use of Big Data, to the third platform. I often tell my colleagues, not to be talking about the fact that “we have got the best technologies”. Because honestly: In the end our customer doesn’t care. He only cares about his business, and how he can achieve to make it more prosper and be more agile than the competition. And empowering him to do so, is exactly our promise – and the main goal of the EMC CIO Summit.

In a time, in which organizations are transforming their data centers into fully virtualized and automated hybrid clouds, while others are just beginning to explore the power of Big Data. In a time where companies are simply panicked by the possible threats or dangers of opening their businesses to concepts like mobility and social networks, I am happy to offer some of our partners a place, in which they can talk about their possible journey in an open and productive manner. Not only with our experts of EMC and our Partners like Intel, VCE, VMware and Cisco, but also to other customers. So that in the end, not only do they have a better understanding of their very own possibilities and chances, but also got a good picture of the fact, that we at EMC are always glad to go this journey with them.

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