EMC Team Visits The Mutaratara Learning Centre to Lend a Helping Hand

IMG_0819EMC held a charity week in Dubai, from December 6th – 10th, in order to raise funds for The Mutaratara School in Nairobi. The Mutaratara Learning Centre has been set up to provide free education, food and health coverage to the underprivileged children in Daghiretti and Kikyu districts in Nairobi. Our management & employees in Nairobi have played a pivotal role and have continued supporting the school since its inception. Every day of the week an activity took place in the office, such as a Bake Sale, Breakfast, Juice Day, Ice Cream day, and Cleaning day. We were able to collect USD 7,000 in 5 days.

As a result, Menna Wally, Luca Bellucci and Viktoria Gajdosova flew to Nairobi for a full 3 days of events to help the students of Mutaratara Learning Centre.

The first day was filled with activities for EMC to get to know the children of Mutaratara. On the second day the EMC team accompanied the students of Mutaratara on a field trip to visit KSPCA (Kenya Society for the Protection and Care for Animals) and the animal orphanage as the students learn about growth. On the last day the team spent the whole day attending classes with the students such as PE, math, and reading…

The students also created Valentine’s Day cards for their new EMC friends as well as paintings to display in the EMC office. The EMC team has described the experience as being very educational and inspiring. EMC and Mutaratara will continue to work together to make changes and create a better future for the students.

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