EMC Survey Highlights Growing Hybrid Cloud Adoption in the UAE


EMC recently conducted a survey with over 100 IT decision makers from various industries within the UAE to find out how Hybrid Cloud adoption directly impact business.

The survey results in the UAE showed that 95% of enterprises have already invested in Cloud computing at this point or strongly intend to invest in the technology. It is evident that these businesses are looking to leverage blended Cloud models to meet changing customer requirements in the new era of mobile, Cloud and Big Data.

The Choice of Cloud

Private Cloud models have several advantages such as enhanced data security, 46% of the UAE survey respondents cited maximized control and security as a selection factor, as well as flexibility, long-term cost efficiency, and managed services. The Private Cloud is rapidly reaching maturity and is expected to rise to 82% business adoption in the next few years.

On the other hand Public Cloud provides cost-efficiency resulting from reduction of capex, highlighted by 35% of respondents, as being the main cause of adoption, along with greater scalability- especially for start-ups, and operational simplicity.

The Best of Both Worlds

The survey goes on to highlight the growing interest in the UAE over adopting advanced Hybrid Cloud models intended to provide businesses the best of both worlds while advancing their profit lines without sacrificing time and resources. The latter is especially significant, since today’s hyper-competitive environment requires CIOs and CFOs to select IT solutions that provide new timely methods of monetizing products and services to stay ahead of the competition. Meanwhile 23% of respondents stated they intend to implement an Advanced Hybrid Cloud model as a combination of Private and Public Cloud which would not only result in greater flexibility, scalability, and data security but it would also eliminate the cons of singular adoption of either Cloud systems.

Commenting on the survey findings Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Middle East, EMC, said:

“IT organizations are striving to transform to deliver services that support the changing needs of their customers. Today, IT must leverage Private Cloud because it is trusted, controlled, and reliable, and Public Cloud because it’s simple, low cost, and flexible. This study clearly highlights the growing interest in adopting advanced Hybrid Cloud models to create a perfect blend of the two worlds.”

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