EMC Revs Up IT Infrastructure For Yamaha Motors


When Yamaha Motor wanted to turn its global IT infrastructure into a superb redlining machine rather like its renowned bikes, EMC was chosen as the partner of choice. We knew it was going to be the start of a tremendously exciting journey towards innovation. Some clients are exceptional to work with because they’re determined to make their consultants push the boundaries of innovation.

There is a spirit of innovation running through Yamaha Motor, and it was no different when it came to revamping the company’s IT. The entire approach was encapsulated by the Yamaha Motor slogan “Revs your heart.”

The brief was comprehensive. Yamaha Motor had grown extensively, with high performance operations spanning the globe. It needed IT infrastructure that was rapid, responsive and full-throttled – just like its majestic machines. EMC’s innovative approach was inspired by the Yamaha spirit and code “Yaramaika” – or “Let’s give it a shot.” With our client emphasising bravery, EMC had the mandate to make big, systematic changes that would propel Yamaha Motor’s IT infrastructure to the very cutting edge of possibility.

Yamaha 2EMC laid out the blueprint for a scalable solution based on hybrid cloud computing. By using private clouds to form the core of the solution, complemented by public clouds for bursts of added performance when going for the finish line, EMC created a globally standardized cloud technology solution for Yamaha Motor.

The hybrid cloud solution relied on 300 consolidated systems and 600 plus private cloud systems to create an optimum mix of availability, performance and cost. EMC used its EMC VNX, VMAX, Networker, Avamar and Data Domain tools to create seamless compatibility across Yamaha Motor’s IT delivery mechanisms.

The IT infrastructure was aligned with service levels globally, with speed and quality built right into the design. The aim was to deliver a system that offered rapid response as the terrain shifted. The result was a system that delivered sprinting performance and complete reliability at improved costs. It heightened the security of critical business data through private cloud solutions and enabled faster response to demand spikes through public cloud operators. New opportunities for innovation were created along the road, and Yamaha Motor was given an IT vehicle that responded at lightening speed to changing business needs.

Our Hybrid Cloud solution is the very definition of innovation. With Yamaha Motor’s infectious bravery, EMC could redefine IT for the modern business enterprise and propel innovation at breakneck speeds.

…to be continued

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