EMC Redefines Video Surveillance at EMC Forum 2014

Video Surveillance

As EMC Forum 2014 toured Riyadh, Doha, and Dubai, we saw a huge interest in advanced Video Surveillance solutions by our attending delegates from both public and private sectors and based on their top surveillance priorities we’ve decided to continue the discussion here.

While Video Surveillance has already seen quite a bit of transformation since its inception, regional government requirements and user needs have evolved drastically and are now demanding a more advanced and intelligent Video Surveillance infrastructure capable of doing much more than it used to.

The full capabilities of today’s redefined Video Surveillance go much deeper than simply capturing security footage and storing it. It is now essential to make use of the data that’s stored and analyze it to produce meaningful information and intelligence to improve overall safety of citizens and customers.

From Surveillance to Intelligent Surveillance

In the past, CCTV cameras typically ran off a few corners, with blind spots in between. The recordings would last for about 7 days, used the old analogue formats which produced very low quality images. This made it difficult to see details and in a useful way and ultimately defeated the purpose of the surveillance solution.

To address this security concern in our region, recently established surveillance regulations have mandated that the number of CCTV cameras be increased to cover more areas with high foot traffic while video quality is improved to high definition. Some of the direct benefits of this transformation include the elimination of grainy low-res videos that serve very little purpose to identify people on footage, as well as the elimination of potentially risky dark zones with no surveillance coverage.

With the redefined Video Surveillance solutions organizations also get major improvements in footage storage, which now goes from 7 days of data retention to a whopping 180 days. Low resolution analogue footage is now replaced by high definition digital footage while the number of cameras has gone from an average of 60 to around 1000 cameras, pushing video surveillance to new heights.

As the leading choice for managing and utilizing video surveillance data globally for the last 10 years EMC strongly believes that a solution shouldn’t drive customer requirements but that the customer’s requirements should drive the solution design.

EMC redefined video surveillance storage solutions cover the storage needs of the latest surveillance infrastructures, from on-the-edge components to a large, scalable central storage repository.

Stay tuned for a continuation of the Video Surveillance discussion as we take a look at the ‘Edge to Core’ concept as well as Video Surveillance outside the security domain in our next blog.

Learn more about the EMC Video Surveillance solutions discussed at EMC Forum 2014.

Man monitoring cctv cameras in  high-end cctv surveillance room

Click to view the EMC Redefine Video Surveillance Infographic.


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