EMC Middle East Introduces Its Partner Summit For The First Time

For the very first time, EMC organized and hosted a Middle East Partner Summit last week, where EMC Partners and Executives from all across the Middle East and Turkey took part. Havier Haddad, Channel Director EMC (Turkey, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa), provides us with a recap of the event. “It was absolutely one of the best events I have ever attended”, he said.

Mohamed Amin, EMCMEPS16 4[1]Senior Vice President, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa and Middle East at EMC, was the Keynote Speaker of the event. During his session Amin presented a clear strategy for 2016 and shared what the future holds for EMC and its partners.

Senior Vice President of Channels (EMEA), Philippe Fosse, also presented the audience with the program’s agenda and shed light on the current status of all the Channels.

The floor was then open to the Partners for a candid Q&A session. The Partners were able to ask the EMCs top management any and all questions and were provided with clear and straightforward answers. Those who attended the event said that this session was their favorite part of the Summit.





Q&A Session with: Mohamed Talaat, Mohammed Amin, Philippe Fosse, Habib Mahakian

There was also an awards ceremony that took place that night where EMC recognized the best performers of 2015.

As such, the aim this year is to encourage EMC employees to add some fun in the mix by introducing fun exercises and team-building events with their partners followed by an opportunity to rub shoulders and network. The event proved great for EMC employees and partners to further align with one another and continue building for the future.

For more about the event: http://spellboundme.com/emcpartnersummitApril2016/index.html

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