EMC Isilon Returns to CABSAT 2015

Isilion Enterprises in fields like gasoil and Gas, Life Sciences, Entertainment and Media Broadcast rely on large volumes of data for daily business endeavors. As this volume of data increases the progression of a business relies on scale-out NAS, an increasingly critical asset for ensuring that data is accessible. That’s where EMC Isilon scale-out NAS comes in, which is engineered for simplicity and reliability.

EMC Isilon is a pioneering leader in the market due to its high performing, scalability and ease of management. EMC recognizes that scalability is of paramount importance when dealing with data on such a large-scale. However, scalability alone means nothing if storage management is difficult or the infrastructure isn’t resilient.

Budget is naturally at the forefront of any business operation and Isilon’s primary advantage is its cost effectiveness. Organizations spend less because of Isilon’s flexible ‘pay as you go’ model as well as its high return on investment, with the best-in-class storage utilization in the industry (80-95%). It’s also a useful avenue towards future-proofing your investment, with Isilon forecasting and analytics tools.

With Isilon all your content is consolidated in one place and can be stored in any format. Projects can be worked on concurrently and finished much faster without being locked in to any proprietary tools or systems. Isilon reduces complexity, with no need for SAN infrastructure or tools. It helps facilitate and accelerate creativity in a secure environment, with the ability to leverage collaboration in any work environment. Learn more about Isilon.

EMC Isilon further distinguishes itself from other competitors by being the only vendor to receive the highest rating of “outstanding” in Gartner’s product viability analysis.

Learn more about how Isilon can work in your environment at this year’s Cabsat in Dubai. CABSAT is the premier event in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region for all industry professionals in the Broadcast, Satellite, Content Delivery and Digital Media sectors for the past 21 years.

Visit the EMC Stand at stall D2-30 in Hall 2. Come see for yourself how EMC Isilon solutions are tailored for high performance and simplicity when managing enterprise-grade Big Data.

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