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Tarek Heiba, Regional Director, EMC Isilon, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Middle East

Unstructured Data is growing at unprecedented rates, but don’t let that scare you away from getting the most out of it!

Unstructured data is key. There are going to be 30 billion devices communicating online by 2050. They’re all going to be generating data that doesn’t fit preconceived models. That data will need to be stored, handled and analyzed for insights very quickly for businesses to derive benefit.

I’m happy to announce the launch of EMC’s Data Lakes 2.0 solution. Based off the Isilon suite of products, it combines to give our clients incredibly exciting opportunities in the way they harness big data to manage geographically dispersed branches, a global workforce, and the relentless march towards unstructured data – or data that doesn’t immediately fit into a prescribed model.

The Isilon scale out NAS, Networked Attached Storage, fits in perfectly. Isilon has many nodes, or storage modules, that are networked together. What this means for businesses is the ability to buy more nodes and build as you go. Think LEGO and its unlimited possibility for scaling. Add as you want: it only takes 60 seconds to add a node and get it going.

It’s important to differentiate a NAS solution like EMC Isilon from the similar sounding SAN. SAN or Storage Area Network consists of a tower of disks that makes itself available bit by bit to servers. Physically, it’s all in the same location, and cannot be scaled as easily like NAS.

The EMC Isilon expanded data lake consists of 3 main components – the EMC IsilonSD Edge file based solutions which extends the data lake, the OneFS operating system for enterprise grade service, and EMC CloudPools – which takes the data lake into the cloud.

Data Lake Meets Cloud.

This is incredibly exciting for us, and for businesses looking to redefine their IT. They can use a cloud service provider of their liking to archive their data to the Cloud. This does two things – ensure that data is available when needed, while also freeing up the Isilon hardware to process immediate data at blazing fast speeds.

IsilonSD Edge expands Big Data to the edge. To understand what the edge means, try visualizing a modern enterprise. There’s the HQ, and the core offices. But there are also numerous branches and subsidiaries scattered around the world, comprising the edge of the organization On average 53% of enterprises today have 100 plus branch locations. Historically, Big Data has been concentrated in the center of the organization. But EMC Isilon uses the Cloud to ensure data is brought back from “edges” of the organization – which means everyone has access to up to the minute analytics through an expanded data lake.

Together, these solutions enable a number of benefits. Archiving in the Cloud reduces cost. Bringing data from the edges to the center improves big picture understanding to help with decision-making. And with the OneFS operating system handling data protection and encryption on the fly, clients know their data is secure without ever needing to do a backup manually.

And all this functionality is presented through a really simple, transparent approach that makes it easy for IT departments to use. It utilizes familiar software tools and automated features. The entire suite works as a single, intelligent big data solution that spans continents.

The end result is simplified management, cost savings, data protection and the ability to predict trends and make decisions fast to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

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