EMC Forum Returned To Dubai in 2014 to Redefine IT


EMC Forum returned to Dubai to show organizations how they can Redefine IT to Redefine their Business. Held on 28th October 2014 at the tech-hub of the Emirates, Dubai, the Forum was attended by over 850 IT and Business professionals. With over 25 interactive sessions and 12 live vLab demos, in the space of one exciting day, EMC’s Redefine IT theme found a captivated and interactive audience.

The Game Changers

Changing the game this year were the transformational discussions in the areas of Cloud, Big Data, Storage as well as Trust & Protection with focus on how these IT trends are helping
Redefine Businesses for the future:

  • By reinventing processes and systems through a definite move towards the 3EMC Imagerd Platform
  • By transforming the IT horizons and fundamentally changing the way businesses function
  • Addressing expanding consumer value and expectations
  • Creating streamlined, profit-bearing enterprises that are adopting software as a core business strategy rather than just a supporting business tool.

The notion of leveraging IT for transforming business by addressing global industrial and structural changes to business, increasing and sustaining profit, while balancing risk, is not a new one, but was given an interesting new expression by keynote speaker Jonathan Martin, EMC’s Chief Marketing Officer – Mr. Martin highlighted a few existing and emerging IT solutions, aimed at helping enable and maintain the competitive edge organizations need to stay ahead of their respective markets –

  • Creating customer-centric applications and presenting iteration based EMCon consumer feedback
  • Intelligent processing of Big Data in real time and building predictive models
  • Improving cost, quality and resources through Elastic Compute, storage and network infrastructure

Haytham Kamel, EMC UAE Country Manager echoed the opinion of 87% of the business world in UAE by highlighting the consensus that next-generation technologies hold the key to agility and growth. Kamel presented some noteworthy statistics from the EMC Forum survey on the subject:

  • 75% respondents say CXOs see IT as a strategic lever of business growth
  • 2 out 5 steps towards IT transformation have been adopted by businesses
  • Virtualizing Mission Critical Applications is done by 69% of respondents while 39% created or used Private Cloud for their businesses
  • For the future of IT, 71% believed that their organizations were IT-ready for business transformation and 55% believed that getting proper training for their IT staff would be crucial to maintain competitive market advantage
  • 63% of respondents said that some technology spends, like cloud computing, was out of IT’s control
  • 69% found that hybrid cloud services provided better agility and security

UAE & the Future of Safety

One of the highlights of the EMC Forum in Dubai included Abu Dhabi Police’s presentation of the Hemayati mobile app, developed in a joint-effort by The Ministry of Interior’s Child Protection Center and Abu Dhabi Police to take child safety to unprecedented levels.B2oQt_3CYAAggZQLt.Col./Faisal Mohammed Alshimmari – Chief Information Security Officer, kicked off his presentation by revealing hard-hitting statistics which stated that a child goes missing or is abducted every 40 seconds worldwide and that more than 70% of abduction cases take place within 400 meters of a child’s house. Abu Dhabi Police’s answer to these alarming figures was a technological innovation and that came in the form of the Hemayati mobile App. The innovative App which tracks the movement of children and reports any deviations from the norm puts continuous safety monitoring in the hands of parents. Learn more about the App.

The EMC Forum in Dubai continued highlighting the journey organizations experience when transforming IT and transforming business through a paradigm shift towards third platform technology in order to adapt and lead in the future.

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