EMC Forum 2014 Solutions Showcase: The Technologies That Enable IT Transformation

By Zaher Haydar


EMC Forums are here again and they’ll transform IT enthusiasts and professionals as they do every year. The disruptive technologies and creative showcases are exciting and cutting edge. Here are a few snapshots…

img-011. ReDefine Storage with Flash:

We know that over the past few decades, storage technology has been evolving consistently and it’s really matured in terms of cost efficiency. Corporate data as we know is increasing by the minute and its hard work to mitigate the physical limitations of disk drive technology. But now, multiple flash drive technologies, low cost, high density processing power and automated policy-based management technologies are reinventing the storage industry like never before. There’ll be many breakout groups diving into details about how EMC is driven to help our customers engage with these macro trends and deliver superior value to their businesses.

img-022. ReDefine IT With A Well-Run Hybrid Cloud:

Private Cloud is the first step, Hybrid Cloud is the destination, , as it can deliver IT services faster to meet the evolving business landscape today, for both large scale and SMEs. EMC will show you how integrated technologies and VMware forge the framework for ITaaS capabilities like:

  • Automated and policy-driven Infrastructure as-a-Service,
  • Customizable self-service catalogs
  • Integrated automation services for both infrastructure and applications,
  • Enhanced security,
  • Financial transparency

img-033. Converged Infrastructure:

While the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) is the platform of the future, many of you have wondered how to precisely navigate this path. EMC Forum gives you the answer. You will hear about how Converged Infrastructure solutions from EMC – Like VSPEX, Vblock and others – can help you automate your data center faster than ever before. We’ll explain how SDDC is making businesses more efficient. If you’re interested in deploying self-service portals that allow you to provision their own resources and if you’re interested in metering each department’s IT usage and implementing a chargeback model, then EMC Forum is the place to be.

img-044. Software-Defined Storage:

ViPR and Project Nile change cloud economics to help fundamentally redefine your business. The Forum will discuss the key capabilities of ViPR Control Services and Data Services. We’ll introduce you to Project Nile, the world’s first commercially available complete web-scale storage infrastructure for your data center. You’ll also hear about the ViPR Object data service and HDFS data service, and the role of each in unlocking existing data for Big Data analytics, and next-gen Web, mobile and cloud applications. As a software-defined storage solution, EMC ScaleIO is a great fit for many use cases, including VSI and distributed databases environments.


5. Business Data Lake:

We’ve got the exciting EMC Hadoop Starter Kit for you, which will break down the barriers to Big Data adoption. At the Forum we will demonstrate the skills and expertise required to achieve proper Big Data adoption. We will discuss how IT can leverage existing investments in virtualization and storage to quickly deploy, manage, and scale a Hadoop cluster. Also, using Pivotal HD as the Hadoop distribution of choice, organizations are able leverage existing SQL skills to query and analyze data managed in Hadoop through an ANSI SQL interface to Hadoop. Our kit will help accelerate Big Data adoption, decrease dependence on expensive public cloud providers like Amazon and increase usage of Hadoop-as-a-Service in-house to meet evolving business needs.

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6. Advanced Security ReDefined:

Data is more vulnerable than ever before. Industries across the board are reporting data breaches and attacks are getting more and more sophisticated. Many organisations have realised that the time for prevention has long gone and the question now is of quick detection and response to the breach the moment it occurs. The Forum will integrate discussions on best practices for intelligence-driven security for collection and analysis of threats, vulnerabilities and consequences. No matter what the size of your business, it’s very important now that security teams are equipped with the right tools that offer greater visibility, quicker and better responses to incidents, and adequately distribute resources where they matter most.

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