EMC Forum Doha – Redefine IT

EMC 2 The discussions coming out of EMC Forum 2014 in Doha, Qatar reinforced the notion that IT is the key enabler of the modern business landscape. Held on 28th October 2014, at the St. Regis Hotel, in Qatar’s growing capital, Doha, it was attended by 500 registrants. With over 15 sessions and 9 vLab demos, in the space of one exciting day, EMC’s Redefine IT theme found a captivated and interactive audience. EMC 3 Redefining Business and Staying on Top of the Mega Trends

The mega trends, which include Mobile, Cloud, Big Data and Social, are disrupting and redefining the business world while shaking up the relationship between the IT department and business decision makers in more ways than one. These mega trends are playing a big role in the next phase of business transformation:

  • By reinventing processes and systems through a definite move towards the 3rd Platform
  • By transforming the IT horizons and fundamentally changing the way businesses function
  • Addressing expanding consumer value and expectations
  • Creating streamlined, profit-bearing enterprises that are adopting software as a core business strategy rather than just a supporting business tool

Key Leverage of IT for Business

Simon Walsh, Chief Operating Officer, EMEA, EMC Corporation

The notion of leveraging IT for transforming business by addressing global industrial and  structural changes to business is not a new one. IT transformation is now increasing and sustaining profit, while balancing risk says EMC Forum Doha keynote speaker Simon Walsh, EMC’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the EMEA region. Walsh highlighted a few emerging IT solutions, aimed at helping global CFOs to maintain the competitive edge:

  • Creating customer-centric applications and presenting iteration based on consumer feedback
  • Intelligent processing of Big Data in real time and building predictive models
  • Improving cost, quality and resources through Elastic Compute, storage and network infrastructure

With 87% of the business world now believing that next-generation technologies hold the key to agility and growth, it was no surprise that the second keynote speaker EMC Country Manager, Samer Diya echoed this opinion. He presented some locally driven statistics on the subject.

  • 75% respondents say CXOs see IT as a strategic lever of business growth
  • 2 out 5 steps towards IT transformation have been adopted by Qatar businesses.

Virtualizing Mission Critical Applications is 69% while 39% created or used Private Cloud

  • For the future of IT, 71% believed that their organizations were IT-ready for business and 55% believed that getting proper training for their IT staff would be crucial to maintain competitive mark et advantage
  • 63% said that some technology spends, like cloud computing, was out of IT’s control
  • 69% found that hybrid cloud services provided better agility and security

Qatar’s IT Vision

Abdulla Fakhroo, IT Director of Qatar Chemical & Petrochemical Marketing & Distribution Company (Muntajat), underlined the big picture importance of technology. Fakhroo focused on how a Software Defined-Data Center (SDDC) model can bring even greater accessibility to businesses like never before and how this neatly fits into their vision of Qatar 2030. Fakhroo also spoke about businesses wanting to turn their modus operandi from reactive to anticipative by redefining their IT and value-based complete solution providers. Presenting his IT vision and road map, his focal point was the building of IT and ITasS to create a competitive and valuable knowledge-based economy. EMC Forum 2014, Doha, reiterated the global Redefine IT theme by –

  • Showcasing the best-of-breed technology solutions
  • Underling the importance of Cloud and Storage as business facilitators
  • Emerging IT trends and integrated technology
  • Delivering value by preserving the customers’ ability to deploy the best products from leading IT companies.

EMC Forum Doha continued the EMC journey into Redefining IT and transforming the business world through a paradigm shift towards third platform technology.

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