EMC CIO Connect: Creating Opportunities in a Digital Economy


There is a growing gap between the current state of IT infrastructure and the level of preparedness organizations have in order to achieve IT as a service. EMC held their fourth annual CIO Connect Conference in Abu Dhabi on 25th and 26th May 2016, to discuss and shed light on the State of IT Transformation and help enterprises plan for the future, today.

We already know that the future of IT is rapidly changing and with Dubai expected to have 25% of its auto motives driverless by 2030, the need to innovate is greater now more than ever!

Where do companies want to improve the most?
In a region wide survey of 660 enterprise customers, known as the State of IT Transformation report, three areas stood out as primary priorities for enterprise development. These were cloud computing, operations and services, and app transformation. IT is considered a driver for growth and innovation; hence it is imperative for businesses to prioritize digital transformation to excel in the era of digital disruption.

EMC has always embraced change and been a thought leader in IT transformation. Its recent announcements at EMC World in Las Vegas, included Hybrid Cloud Storage, which remained a key topic of discussion at CIO Connect for digital transformation. Hybrid Cloud acts as a means to drive business efficiency, by enhancing operational productivity, improving agility of business processes and infrastructural responsiveness, while ensuring increased business scalability and growth.

What are the most common obstacles in IT transformation?
People: not enough skills in-house
Legacy systems: traditional applications that are still important to the business
Culture: not enough risk taking or innovation encouraged

These key insights show us that technology is the foundation in stimulating digital transformation, with an enterprise either having the ability to survive or thrive in this new IT landscape.

To become a disrupter in their field of expertise, an enterprise must be able to execute a vision for digital growth and be able to blend it seamlessly with physical interactions for a truly human-to-human experience. Additionally they should be able to create new channels of digital revenue and leverage technology to win new talent. This will in turn allow them to win more business for a positive growth cycle and bring about the birth of the modern data center.

What do enterprises need to do to achieve IT transformation?
“The light bulb wasn’t invented by continuously improving the candle”. Enterprises need to embrace change and be open to using emerging technology in unexpected ways. There are three characteristics a corporation needs to take on in order to truly transform their business:

1. Willingness to publicly experiment with tech
2. Willingness to challenge norms of existing business models
3. Willingness to make bold bets when time is right

IMG_4214The modern data center therefore requires a full overhaul and enterprises need to be willing to rebalance their IT portfolio of talent by investing in mentorship and innovation. As the role of the modern day CIO continues to evolve, so is it time to undertake IT transformation in order to enable business scalability. Organizations across various industries can benefit from transforming their IT service strategy by adopting software-defined technologies such as all-flash storage and cloud computing. In addition to this, it is important that all lines of business within a corporation are supported by IT, in terms of innovation possibilities, identifying emerging technologies and seeing projects through every step of the way.

EMC-DIgitalBusiness[2]Once that happens, you can be on your way to transforming your digital business which may then beg the question, how do you know when your business has become digital? It’s when you are able to:

To help you along the way, EMC is ready to guide enterprises on this journey whereby IT as a service becomes a priority. The future is difficult to predict but we do know that technology enables an organization to be smart, and EMC has the tools to help execute this IT transformation and excel in the digital economy.

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