VMworld Europe 2014

As soon as VMworld Europe 2014 in Barcelona had come to an end, one summarizing blog after the other surfaced all across the web. But is it really possible to put EVERYTHING in a blog and understand everything that happened? Questionable. Let me try anyway … 

First of all, let’s share the foundation. If you didn’t manage to participate in one of this year’s VMworld events in Europe or the US, I have two pieces of advice for you:

  1. vmworld europa 2014 1All the Keynotes (to everybodyI) and breakouts (with subscription or if you attended) of this year’s VMworld in the US and the one in Barcelona at www.vmworld.com
  2. VMworld-attendees tend to be rather communicative. So if you would like to know more about the events or the topics tackled there, just ask one of the v-community-members! Be it on Twitter, the Blogs or directly by mail: Just tell them what you need and they will make sure you get the information you desire.

But for now, allow me to tell you about my very personal experience of this year’s VMworld Europe 2014, as it really was a great one – right from the start. As a kick-off we, the Team of EMC TEEAM region and our partner Avnet, welcomed customers and partners at Camp Nou: the famous stadium of FC Barcelona. And I have to admit: This place is impressive, even if you’re not that much into football – like me for example. And that’s not only because of their truly imposing collection of trophies, but also because of everything Pasi Lankinen (Head of Business Intelligence) went to tell us. Because in the age of digitalization, football clubs have to adapt too. They have to face the fact that engaging their fans in and around the stadium isn’t nearly enough, as they are spread across the entire globe and consist of people of every age. And he had proof for that: Their #2 most sold piece of merchandise is a Lionel Messi jersey … for babys. Die-hard Barca-Fans can’t start soon enough I guess. #1 is of course Messi’s shirt in adult size.

In the beginning, there was the cloud

The VMworld itself started on Monday and offered the chance to take part in several VMware Labs. The impressive bit: And all of them (we are talking about 9.000 attendees here) could have been easily provided from a single EMC XtremIO System! But to be honest, there actually was redundancy and two set-ups. One – the main one – was in Amsterdam, but as nothing is left for coincidence here at EMC, there was a local fallback-system in Barcelona too. After all, the cloud is only as good as the internet connection you’re using. Anyway: all of the said VMware Labs can still be accessed: http://labs.hol.vmware.com. Just set up an account and you can access labs like „HOL-PRT-1461 – Policy Based Storage Management with EMC ViPR and VMware Integrations“ straight away.

Customers’ Hot Topics

During the event, I had the chance to talk to a lot of customers. These are the four topics, which were of the highest interest for them:

A little party never killed nobody

I almost forgot: There were parties as well. 😉 While Simple Minds made Wednesday evening truly memorable, it was the party by EMC and Intel on Tuesday, which walked away with the unofficial title “Top Party of VMworld 2014 in Barcelona”. The EMC event team really nailed this one, especially by choosing Barcelona’s famous bullfighting arena served as the location. Awesome!

We’re already quite curious, what EMC will come up with for next year’s VMworld – I for one, am very much looking forward to it; to another couple of days with interesting conversations, fascinating sessions and little sleep. Place and date are already set: http://www.vmworld.com/community/conference/pre-reg

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