VMworld 2014 – ready to go on a boat?

It feels like it was yesterday when we welcomed EMC’s partners and guests at VMworld Europe 2013 with a great session of a Barcelona World Race skipper and the chance to step on a boat that circled the world.

Less than 130 days to get around the globe with a boat, non-stop, handled by a crew of 2. Very impressive. You can find out more at their site http://www.barcelonaworldrace.org/en/barcelona-worldrace/?idContent=18

BWkGOGRIQAAB536[1]One thing we learned in the session: preparation is key. It starts long time before you get on the boat. Financial means, health, training, equipment. Like a lot of times in our IT jobs, right? That is one of the reasons the IT community gathers every year at VMworld. It’s a great opportunity to learn, network, get prepared and plan. We want to be ready for the future. With individual skills to better serve the business.

So if you are a customer or partner in EMC’s TEEAM region – Turkey, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa – we look forward meeting you again.

A Very Special Welcome

Follow the vSpecialist and presales team who are getting ready to welcome you at the event. We promise it will be again an engaging welcome – it will be something completely different we are preparing for you. This year we have one of our key partners Avnet in the boat, too. Block Monday afternoon 13th of October.

And of course we would like to get you exclusive access to EMC’s and VMware executives, customer presentations and sessions you shouldn’t miss.

Here are two highlights in 2013 driving over the past 12 months a lot of conversations and planning. Guess you know that it’s on automation and flash arrays. It is changing rapidly how and what can be delivered to the business:

Follow on Twitter or get in touch with your local EMC contact and partner, so we can get our TEEAM community together.


If you want to learn what to expect at VMworld Europe this year, following VMworld US announcements will give you a good idea what to expect. You can start now having a look at the session recommendations by our VP of Presales, Chad Sakac:


Further recommendations:

  • Contact EMC and your local TEEAM vSpecialists, so we can invite you and block Monday afternoon 13th of October
  • Follow Chad’s blog „Virtual Geek“ http://virtualgeek.typepad.com/virtual_geek/
  • Let us know if you would like to meet one of EMC’s and VMware executives to discuss any future plans on EMC Hybrid Cloud, Software Defined Storage, Flash or other technology
  • Have you implemented an EMC / VMware solution and ready to present at the EMC booth? We have a few slots available!

For more info, just contact our vSpecialist David Hanacek – either via Twitter oder simply by Mail.

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