Get rid of the IT blues with VSPEX BLUE

What is actually the real value IT delivers to your company? If You ask this question a CEO, most likely the answer will be, that the only real benefit comes from applications & software supporting & improving his companies business.

vspex1Not a real surprise, isn’t it … ? 😉

The valid conclusion out of this is, that everything else, beside applications, (actually the complete IT infrastructure necessary to support & run applications) is perceived just as necessary evil and not more. Be honest. Who of You is really interested, if the server, storage or networking equipment in your datacenter is wearing yellow blue or green logos and all these speeds and feeds…

Traditional vendors might not want to hear it, but server, storage & networks are an immensly boring & un-sexy subject matter & tend to become more and more commodities. The added value of IT is living in the solutions running on top of all that infrastructure „stuff“.

Converged Infrastructure

What could be more reasonable to pack all necessary infrastructure components together, fully tested and integrated, add unified management and provide it as single product to the market. It’ a datacenter-in-a-box. EMC actually created this whole market which is known as „Converged Infrastructure“ with it’s subsidiary VCE. With a yearly turnover of >1B USD, VCE grew to the undisputed marketleader in just 3 years !

Now EMC is introducing a new solution for Hyper-Converged Infrastructures named VSPEX BLUE.

VSPEX BLUE incorporates compute, storage & networking components and is available as ready-made infrastructure module from EMC distributors and resellers.

vspex2VSPEX BLUE enables also small and medium enterprises to realize the benefits of Converged Infrastructure in their companies.

From „Power-On“ to provisioning the first virtual machines, it only takes 10-15minutes. Compare this to hours or even days when You are dealing with traditional infrastructure landscapes…

Benefits of VSPEX BLUE

EMC VSPEX BLUE is based on the vmware EVO:RAIL framework and comes with some nice EMC add-ons, like:

  • Backup – vmware vSphere Data Protection Advanced (VDPA)
  • Protection – EMC Recoverpoint
  • Cloud Integration – EMC Cloud Array for on-demand extension of Your capacity into
    the cloud
  • Support – proactive EMC Dial-Home & EMC customer support

These additional features are available through the EMC VSPEX BLUE app store. In the near future more additional solutions and applications can be found there for download.

VSPEX BLUE simplifies the configuration and management of IT.

Are You interested to learn more aout VSPEX BLUE , then contact Your EMC reseller of choice.

More information on EMX VSPEX can be found here.

Here You can find an IDC whitepaper on VSPEX BLUE.

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